May 27, 2010

Everyone deserves alittle fun....right?

Soooooooo, it's been awhile. And for that I'm sorry. But, I really haven't had anything great to say recently, things have been pretty ho-hum. I mean life is still trucking along with the usual in's and out's, here and there's and high's and low's. As is my usual, I have been doing alot of thinking about my life; what I want, what I have and what I don't want. And what's funny is lately all of these wants have been changing day to day.

I want the house with the picket fence
I want to travel abroad for years
I want the husband and 3 kids
I want my freedom to do as I please
I want my friends to set me up with different guys
I want to be seen as a strong independent woman
I want stability and a safety net
I want the adventurous, tumultuous chaos of fun.

So after the GT fiasco of not being on the same page and all (blah blah blah), I told myself I am going to change my MO and get serious about dating (as cheesy as that sounds blah). Anyway, I decided I was not going to date just to date. I know that not every guy I go on a date with will be my Mr. Right or the One and I understand I might have to go on a few dates to find out if they mesh with my life. However, I have been in relationships before where I've always known we weren't meant to be, but I let it drag on thinking 1) he will change 2) things will get better with time 3) I'm having fun and don't want to be alone. Every time I encounter this feeling, things end badly, feelings get hurt and I end up kicking myself and saying "I told you so child". So, since the relationship with GT ended, my ego was a little bruised and I'm not gonna lie, there have been times where I have turned on the charm extra hard or made an extra effort to look nice. But, I've never really given the impression I am 'looking' for anything because I don't want to deal with it.

ENTER THURSDAY NIGHT.....I participate in different sporting activities to stay in shape and to make new friends. Thursday night is a standing activity night that includes an athletic event and then fun at a bar. I've met alot of fun people and enjoy Thursday nights (although Friday mornings are a different story, wink wink). So this Thursday I had planned to make it an early night because I was tired and there weren't alot of people at the bar to play with. However, through some random turn of events that did not end up happening. My roommate (B), myself and a couple of friends ended up closing down the bar (bad news bears). But my having a good time and pulling an oops is not the point of this post.

Playing different activities helps you meet different people...or let's you admire different people from afar ;). So I have had a crush on this one guy, Z, for the past year and half but have never done anything about it. I've had a boyfriend for some of the time, but really I was too chicken to go up and talk to him. Well, of course B knows about my crush and decided to tell said crush on Thursday saaaaaaaaaaay what?!

Okay, okay, I am going to cut the chase. Z and I hung out Thursday night and then had lunch on Friday. It was alot of fun and he was/is different than I expected, but in a good way. Funny, charming, adventurous, chatty, gregarious, cute, sweet and a good guy. Do I think all of your P's and Q's will match up, NOPE, but I want to have some fun. He's a good guy for once I am taking things day by day and seeing where it will go. We have hung out twice and have had a really good time and it's just easy. No pressure, no expectations, no commitment, just fun. It might just be a summer fling, but for once, that's okay by me.


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