June 21, 2010

Mondaze, Solo, Motivation

P!nky's thoughts for the day:

I am not a person who likes Mondays. Not that many people do, but I find I really don't like them. I very often come across the Manic Monday or the Murphy's Law Monday and boy, they are NOT FUN! I think my dislike of Mondays stems from the fact my Sundays are usually extremely busy. I have morning church (sometimes after a late night, which is my own fault I know), then family brunch/lunch, a soccer game sometime throughout the afternoon and of course laundry. This past Sunday was extremely busy because I had early Sunday school (and YES after staying up wayyyyyyyy tooooo late Saturday night), church, World Cup games, the pool, an oil change, a soccer game and then a family tennis lesson, plus laundry. PHEW!!!!!!!!! I was super exhausted which thankfully led to a much needed passed out sleep, but I am super tired and bored today at work.

And OF COURSE today would be the first day of Summer...the LONGEST day of the year....BOOOO CARD!


My roommate, P, and I are going on 2 years and I'm feeling the relationship ending.
And it needs too. She and I are
and one of my biggest issues is
Cleanly (I know it's not a word but it works with my ly structure).
I have become OCD about keeping main rooms clean ever since I lived with my OCD bffer. She never had
out of
After living with her, I became accustomed to living a certain way, with a certain standard. Enter P, who does not have the same standard at all. Now, she isn't dirty, at least not in the main rooms. But, she has a habit of leaving things out in the living room and in the kitchen. And in the beginning she wasn't that bad. However lately things have gotten really lax and I am not liking it.
I tried to mention this nicely too her...but no dice. She just felt I was nagging, got defensive and said she does keep things clean. Which,to her credit is probably true to her standards, but not mine.
At my age I think i deserve to know what kind of state my home will be in, and have the right to keep it clean. I think I just need my own space that I can treat however I want.

This poster is how I feel right now.
About Life....about my job...about where I am in life...about dating...basically about everything.
I have all of these dreams and goals,
but right now lack the motivation to do anything about them.
I think some of it stems from FEAR of the unknown,
but also, I am not motivated to get things done.
Usually I am.
Usually I am a go to girl for projects.
But lately not so much.
I need to find the motivation in myself to start getting the jobs done.
Because I don't want to look back on my next 4 years and go....WHAT DID I DO?
Or really, what did I NOT DO!

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