June 16, 2010

What's P!nky Thinkin'?

A guy I work with loves to be a smartaleck about alot of things.
Most of the time it has to do with how I phrase questions or comments
(I've been known to speak before I think....ooopps, that's why you love me wink wink)
Anyway, yesterday I approached him and said "You know what I was thinking?"
And without batting an eye he says "yes, I often sit here and think,
What's P!nky Thinkin?"

And I thought, hey, that's a fun new way to take my blog. I've been slacking lately
but it's because I always want things to be good and well written and thought out
but sometimes the free flowing
easy goin
ya knowin'
jibber jabber can produce some of the best posts and ideas.
So for the next few blogs I'm just gonna write
What P!nky's Thinkin'

World Cup
like for realzzzzzzz!
This is the best time of year, soccer games galore. And the timing is amazing,
because my work has tvs everywhere. So I get to see all the games all day.
And it is GLORIOUS!
I just really don't like all the haters.
the ignorant people that don't know anything about soccer.
stop complaining about soccer being on tv all the time.
last time I checked it was only on 2 channels....2!
So, change the channel and shut your mouth please.


I'm playing with fire....but I think I like it
Fire burns I know...but that's only if you get too close, but if you just
stand really close
but not too close
it gives you a warmth that you can
all the way to your insides.
The warmth is something that can
be sooooo addicting, that you keep creeping closer
and closer and
closer and then
you're burned. But NOPE!
I'mma keep my distance and just play by the fire. Roast a few smores,
but not too many, just enough to take the edge off.
Basically this means I enjoy kicking it with J, even though I know his ways.
I am testing my 'lack of emotions' feelings
because I am bored
and because he is fun
and good looking
and not looking
for anything serious. Which is perfect for me, cause I right now I am able
to separate
feelings from emotions wink wink.

Life seems to be passing me by
and All I seem to be doing is
and waiting
and watching and
waiting and
I'm dealing with the what ifs and not the nows.
and it has to stop!

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