November 4, 2014

It's A Good Day When...

Yesterday morning, was not my day. It started out great, then the computer was left at home, traffic stunk going back home, traffic stunk on the way back to work because I was later than normal, my BCAA's spilled, the coffee machine acted a fool and there was a mini heart attack moment at work. All before 10 am might I add.

This morning was better, I voted [you should tooooo], but there was still unexpected oops that happened. Now, I'm not complaining, I'm just being real, because it's not alllllllways fun and games in life. Right now a friend's baby is struggling for life [prayers are HIGHLY appreciated], so my annoyances aren't really important in the grand scheme of things.

When it's a bad day, I try to focus on the good to turn my day around. So I'm looking for the good things, that make my day happy. Happy attitude, happy life!

It's a good day when....

// someone suprises me with Starbucks at work.

// a note is received in the mail from a dear friend.

// I get to snuggle a newborn babe.

// giggles from children echo in my ears.

// snow flurries flutter down from the sky.

// 'things to do' are replaced with a snuggle session on the couch with popcorn and a good show.

// my husband buys me flowers, for no reason. 

// a new high is reached at the gym.

// THOSE pants that didn't fit, actually FIT!

// I get into my car and it's warmed from the sun.

// my favorite show runs a marathon and I actually have time to watch multiple episodes.

// money is found in jackets from last season.

// we don't have a plan for dinner and we go out and try a new, delicious restaurant.

// gchat conversations make me laugh like crazy.

// my team wins a game because of a great play on my part.

inspiration found *here*.


  1. Love this post! I especially admire your optimism about turning a bad day into a good one...or just finding the good, even if it's just something little! I need to work on this...especially when I'm in pre-8:00 am cranky mode! XOXO

  2. Sending my prayers your friends way!!! You are such a bright and shining person and when you think of these little things that make your days good I cant help but to feel good too!! xo

  3. Sending prayers for that sweet baby! I love your blog and your positive attitude, even when you've had a less than fun day. I love your list :) Last night I should have gotten stuff done, but instead Jared and I snuggled up and looked at vacation ideas while Lady & the Tramp played in the background ;)

  4. This is so great! It's so important to look at the bright side and all of the good things! Prayers for your friend's baby!

  5. Sending prayers your way for your friend's little one. I love that you are able to turn a not so good day into something positive. Too often I focus on the bad things when I have so much more to be grateful for

  6. Sometimes all it takes is writing down the positives when you're day starts off on the wrong foot. Hope you're day gets better, dear!

  7. I'm with you on your car being warmed from the sun <3

  8. Sending those prayers for your friend! Love this, there are also a ton of things to be thankful for :)

  9. I always try to think about things I should be thankful for when times are rough. So sad to hear about your friends baby, sending best wishes!

  10. finding money is like christmas! i once found $25 in a pair of jeans. then my husband asked where his money went and i laughed. hey, you leave that shit in your pockets and toss them in the hamper, it's all fair game!!!

  11. Definitely had a couple of "those" days recently - where nothing seems right. But then I'm reminded of all the little happy things in life and know how truly blessed I am. Prayers for your friend's baby - that's so sad and scary:(

  12. oh, my thoughts are with your friend's baby, poor thing! hugs. it's horrible sometimes that something bad has to happen for us to realise how lucky we are or how good we have it.
    oh the pants that don't fit.. i'm waiting for that good day when they fit again!

  13. Snow flurries needs to be crossed off of this list and spit on!!!!!

  14. I HATE forgetting the computer at home. Its they worst! Thinking of you and your friend's baby.

  15. This is great girl, especially the list at the end and I hope it got better! Sending 100 PRAYERS to you and your friend!

  16. I hope that your friend's baby is winning the fight! I know those days, but if we sit down and really contemplate, there are TONS of things to be thankful for! Thanks so much for sharing, Pinky! (PS: there's a wonderful weekly link-up, the Ten Things Of Thankful, you should check this out!)

  17. EEK! I'll be hoping and praying for your friends' baby!!

  18. Awww I love getting flowers from a boy just because :)


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