June 16, 2017

Weekly Wins

Bestest look on the bestest day by the bestest daddy
+++ So this post was prepped before I took my test. And received my score...saying I didn't pass. I was pretty devastated last night, it hurt my ego a lot. This was almost a no post because I was so upset. But, I cried it out to family, got support from Le Husband and ate a compliant Whole30 smoothie before bed and feel a bit better today. It sucks, bad, but nothing can be done now, I can only move forward and do my best to pass next time. Thanks for the sweet vibes, yesterday!+++

+ Studying and test is OVER, thank the gummy bears above! I'm just so so so so so glad it is over. I procrastinated way too much and could have used another week, but hey, I understood a lot more the last two days of cramming than expected, which made the fail even more tough.

+ I survived teaching my first double since surgery. It was BODYCOMBAT followed by BODYPUMP and minus the lunge and shoulder tracks it wasn't as tough as I thought coming back. Super glad COMBAT was first though, that format is tough to fake.

+ Le Husband was home all week and it was so nice falling asleep next to him.

+ Father's Day cards went in the mail early and will arrive on time!

+ Successful searched for and found a legit acupuncturist. #thankyouinternetandfriends

+ Blogging mojo seems to have made another appearance here and I finally have some inspiration.

+ Flights for a wedding up in Michigan are finally booked.

+ Another week on Whole30 round 4* is complete.

+ My Tuesday night BODYPUMP class was freaking amazing. Not only did the members work hard and respond well to the release, I also taught one of my best classes in a long time.

+ I'm getting my new Tennessee license today. #sadtoseevago


+ The heart attack I had over registration of my car, not having a title and expired registration proved to unnecessary as all will be well once the title is in my hands. #phew

Beyond happy the weekend is here and looking forward to chilling out at the pool or doing nothing because this week was rough. Four classes down and two to go tomorrow, I got this! Hope you have a fabulous weekend. Happy Father's day to the special men in your life and if you've lost a father special hugs and sparkles sent your way, because I can only imagine how hard this holiday can be for you. < 3

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your test. I understand how let down and frustrated you must feel. Just try to focus on the positives - you can look to this post for inspo! Where in Michigan is the wedding? I live in Michigan! I hope you have a super fun and relaxing weekend!

  2. sorry about the test; next time you'll kill it!

  3. So sorry to hear about your test girl. Try to focus on all the good in your life, like your car being paid off! Such an accomplishment! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. I'm so sorry about the test girl. I'm sure you'll do great next time! All of those wins in your life are a great way to distract yourself & remember that the good outweighs the bad.

  5. I am so sorry you didn't pass but so glad for your support system! You've got this and you'll own it next time. Congrats on being debt free on your car! That's a blessing! Love some good blog mojo. :)

  6. Bummer about the test but hopefully you'll rock it next time. Congrats on getting your car paid off! What a great feeling and having one less monthly payment to worry about.

  7. So sorry about your test sweet friend!!!! But yay for paying off your car, we are so close to doing that as well.

  8. Sorry about that, but there's so many other wins in here!! YAY for sleeping next to Le Husband and a trip to Michigan on the horizon!! (Also... paying off your car? SO EXCITING!!)

  9. Sorry to hear about the test. It is what it is and next time you will do better. You are awesome, never forget that. Congrats on paying off your car, that is so fantastic!!

  10. Boo for the test, but now next time you'll know what you need to learn. Good that you were able to come up with some other wins to make up for the one loss. When can you take the test again?

  11. Oh no - sorry to hear that! Next time? You'll ace it! Hope ya'll had a great weekend and happy Monday!

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your test, but there is so much goodness in this post! I'm sure you felt awesome to teach a double again for the first time since surgery, and paying off your car is huge-- congratulations!!


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