September 27, 2017

What's New With You {September}

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What we're eating... big mishmash of food right now. I've been getting CleanEatz meals during the week for lunch or dinners depending on if Le Husband is in town. My weight is up in the high zone right now, so I'm looking into counting my macros to get back on track. Football tailgate food is my nemesis this season. 

What I'm reminiscing about... my family weekend. Sportyspice and I put our heads together two months ago and concocted a surprise for Babyspice's 30th birthday. Everything went according to plan [thank goodness] and it was truly a magical weekend back home with my family.
Brady Bunch

What I'm loving... the fact I PASSED the NASM CPT exam and studying is over and done. Y'all this has been a gargantuan undertaking and it was such a stressor on my life. Finally, it is complete and I am a certified personal trainer!

What we've been up to...  hmmmm, "we" haven't really been up to anything together, except the house. Le Husband traveled a ton for work this month and I studied like crazy for my NASM exam. Still doing minor things on the house, the next big order of business is the master bath and then the kitchen, ugh. We each had travel on a weekend and also visited his family in Gatlinburg last weekend.

What I'm dreading... Le Husband's trip the first weekend of October. I'm not joining him in Vegas and it's kind of crushing my spirit to be left behind. Someone give me something fun to do while he is away. #greenwithenvy

What I'm working on... getting hired as a trainer. EEEEEK!

What I'm excited about... Thanksgiving and more family time. I know, I'm a month early but I am so stinking excited to see everyone again. ANNNNNNNND Sportyspice will have her gender reveal. EEK! YAY! BOY OR GIRL!?!?

What I"m watching/reading... not too much reading, need to work on that soon. Watching the trashy bravo shows when I need something mindless and I'm really excited for fall television to come back.

What I'm listening to... alllllll the Les Mills music as next month is LAUNCH!!!

What I'm wearing... the weather is still nice and warm down here in Tennessee so I'm sporting all the short sleeves, tanks, shorts, capris and flips that I can. I'm not ready for the briskness so I'm hugging the last lil bit of summer I can.

What I'm doing this weekend... heading downtown and on the boat for the UT vs Georgia game. It's going to be a fun time and we have friends in town so I'm looking forward to fun, football and food!

What I'm looking forward to next month...  we have a wedding and actually a couple of open weekends which is great. More work on the house before the holidays show up, woohoo! Also so a fun new teaching schedule which I'm super excited about. I needed the gym up and I'll actually have a day to do my OWN workouts during the week, woop.

How was your September? Anything awesome? We celebrated our four year wedding anniversary this month and seeing other wedding anniversaries in September always makes me smile. < 3


  1. our 14th wedding anniversary was earlier this sept but i forgot to post about it (oops) lol. i'm actually looking fwd to thanksgiving as well (we have ours in october).

  2. On a boat for the game?! I'm so jealous, that sounds like a blast! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. Congrats again on passing the exam. Also family time is always the best isnt it? Love that you guys have so much fun together.

  4. hmmm lets see - come see me while he's gone! haha Also, cheers to no more studyng! Woot woot!

  5. So much excitement, and yes to being on a boat! My absolute favorite <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. Sounds like a busy busy month! Congrats on passing!!

  7. When you said your listening to the Les Mills music, I thought you were saying you were listening to the Les Mis music - as the musical.. haha.. I was like, YESSSS & then Ohhhh, she's not talking about that ;) haha

  8. Congrats on passing your certification! High Five! Teh game on a boat sounds amazing, I have always wanted to do that!

  9. Love the family time and celebrations you had! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. Yay for the studying being over!!!! :) You are awesome!

  11. That bubble wedding picture is dreamy!!! I hope its framed in your house. :)


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