April 19, 2018

Thoughts on a Thursday: ALMOST

Almost. One of the toughest words. You're there, but not quite. So close you can envision the next step, yet still so far away. Trying your BEST to be MOST, then learning nope.

Almost. 2018 began with a brave step into the unknown. March brought another brave step as I pursued my dream at a live audition. Earlier this week I received the news I would not be moving on to join the presenter team this year, ending my journey for the moment. The talent at auditions was fire, cream of the crop incredible and I'm so thrilled for those moving on this year. They are going to shine this year and I can't wait to see what they bring to the team. I am also beyond grateful I was picked to audition, able to meet the LMUS team in person, learn from the best and understand their philosophy. I trust their judgement and believe they know what they want every year. 

Almost. I'm not going to lie, this moment stings. BAD. It hurts more than I've shared on other social media avenues. I cried when I read the email because all of the work just went POOF in a matter of paragraphs. This was something I wanted so badly and I TRULY thought I had a good chance after the live audition. My feedback was great, I felt I did my best and the numbers seemed to be in my favor. Hearing 'no' is a swift kick to the gut as I look back on moments and wonder what if? I wanted this because I wanted to be great. I've been good at many things throughout my life but rarely, if EVER, have I been great. I seem to JUST miss the mark each time and THIS moment was so close I could taste the words, "I MADE IT".

Almost. Moments like these can be breaking or making points. Almost moments force us to look deep into our core, into our soul and decide where we go after we fail. Do we quite? Do we walk away? Do we throw our hands up and say never again? Do we grow bitter and angry? Or do we recommit? Do we learn? Do we refocus and use the failure as fuel for the NEXT CHANCE?

Almost. I am sharing this not to gain comments or 'you're great' words. I'm posting this failure to let everyone know it happens to everyone and that failing is okay. Whether you've failed something big, small, or just missed a weigh in or a fitness challenge know that FAILURE DOES NOT define you. Being brave, making the choice to try something...THAT DEFINES YOU. Standing back up after falling on your face...THAT DEFINES YOU. Choosing to persevere after being told no...THAT DEFINES YOU. Keep showing up. Keep grinding. Keep doing the work. Maybe almost this year means DAMN YES next year. Maybe it means in two years. Maybe you were ready for the team but they weren't ready for what you bring to the table. Maybe you are a margarita and they needed champagne this year. 

ALMOST now fuels my fire. Being so close means I'm THAT FAR ahead for next year. My current Les Mills journey will include focusing more on my teaching to better serve my members. To hone my craft to be the BEST I can be EACH and EVERY class. I believe in rising up stronger and better than when I fell short, so BRING.IT.ON!

Thank you for all of your support over the past few months. Thank you to everyone who saw this post yesterday on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. I appreciate your words more than you know and your support of MY dreams means the world. 


  1. I'm so sorry! Almost really does sting like a mother.

  2. Ugh I'm so sorry friend!!!!

  3. I'm so sorry. But I needed to read this message today, so thank you.

  4. So many times a no is just there to set you up for a better yes! Chin up! You are working hard and hard work will always pay off.


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