April 25, 2018

What's Up Wednesday {April}

Taking a bit of artistic license with this link up today. April basically consisted of three major things. Visiting my sisters where I met my niece, celebrating my birthday [in Vegas and at home] and not making the cut for an audition. Below are the highlights from each event, cheers to a pretty awesome April.

Arizona Trip:
Oh my heart, this trip. Everything I could have wanted, and more. It was all the sister time. All the baby time. All the warm weather. Lots of puppy love and ALL.THE.BABY! Seriously, my niece is so precious and I wanted to eat her up all the time. She was struggling with sleep while we were there, so Babyspice and I helped out mama Sportyspice in the mornings which means we enjoyed lots and lots of baby girl snuggles. We had pool time, food time, cleaning time, sunset photoshoot time, silly auntie time, singing time and just so much fun. I cried when Babyspice left and I cried when I left. Being so far away is so damn hard, so DAMN hard. I can't wait until next month when we will all be together again.

Oh yeah, I HAD A BLATE! My girl Courtney lives in AZ and we FINALLY met up. This blate has been five years in the making and it was the best. Chickfila with the kids and all the laughs. She is as pure as sunshine and just one of my faves, LOVE YOU GIRL!

Las Vegas Trip:
The drive from Phoenix was super easy, but kind of nerve wracking. There were multiple parts where my phone didn't get signal, which had me concerned since I didn't know where I was going, ha. Scenery was gorgeous, though. I was able to stop crying by the 2nd hour, because yes, I was a mess leaving. Le Husband was in Vegas for work and I joined him at the tail end of the trip and enjoyed two nights on his company since he was working. Thursday night we did dinner at Ceasar's Palace and then walked the strip because it's our favorite thing to do when in Vegas.

Friday we were both up early for a work out, then a quick trip down the strip to change hotels to the Linq. Love staying there, except their wifi is booty, bah. We ate breakfast/lunch at Hash House, which is our FAVORITE spot. We randomly started eating there back in 2010 when we stumbled up on it and it has become our go to for brunch. Word to the wise, they don't do reservations so get their early. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and then we made our way down to Fremont Street. Le Husband had a friend also in town and we met him downtown after our delicious dinner. I'd never been to Fremont Street and LOVED it. So much fun and such a change from the strip. Old foggies over here couldn't make it much longer than midnight, haha.

Saturday we enjoyed the gorgeous weather, ate delicious food and then headed off to the airport for our flight. Le Husband enjoys perks as a working guy and we were able to hang in one of the clubs while we waited which was so nice. Big fan of free food and drinks. The flight was pretty chill and we landed late on Saturday in Nashville where we stayed the night close to the airport. The trip was a whirlwind but so very fabulous for my birthday. Really made turning 35 so wonderful.

This is 35 (Birthday}:
April brought the beginning of my 35th trip around the sun. Am I where I expected? Nope. Would I trade it? Nope. College Pinky had me a SAHM with two kids and one on the way at this age. Right out of college Pinky had me traveling the world with the Peace Corps. Just married Pinky had me with a kid and still in Virginia. Funny, huh? I honestly admit I do wish life was a bit more settled and dreams were a bit more in grasp, but that's life right? I am beyond blessed because my family and friends truly made my day amazing. So much love for year 35!

Not Getting Presenter: 
Talk about a tough pill to swallow. I shared all of my journey here and truly felt I had a shot. A real shot. A GOOD SHOT and to have it not happen hurts. I honestly don't think I can expand on my post *here* so if you want the whole story give it a click. Almost good enough, but just not this year. I'm determined to get better so next year can be my year. Thank you all for your support from the beginning and through the disappointment. Your faith makes me smile.

How was your April?!??!?


  1. Your niece really is SO precious & I love the koala photo. I'm glad you had such a great trip & that you'll get to have another soon!

    I'm not at all where I thought I'd be at my age either. It's funny how life works like that. Yay for a whirlwind birthday in Vegas though & cheers to 35!

  2. Your niece is the sweetest. I am far away from one of my sisters (an hour from the other) and it's amazing when we're all together! I LOVE the pic of you on your birthday. You need to frame it. And I'm sorry about your disappointment. I have faith that you can do it next year! Also I'm not where I thought I'd be by this age. I'll be 33 next week. I get where you're coming from.

  3. I love you. Just know that. I love you no matter what stage of life you are in or what mood you are in or what job you have. So does He. He is enough for you. But I am so glad 35 is off to a great start.

  4. I think I almost just cried when you said y'all did - but next month will be here before you know it! Her baby though - oh em gee precious! (as for the disappointment, keep your head up friend bc you've got this!) Have a great day! xo

  5. Sorry you didn't get presenter. Isn't it funny how you male plans when you are young and life takes you to other places? I am turning, gulp, 39 next month and I can tell you this is not where I planned at 18, 22, 28 or even 35, but I would not have the ride any other way. Sissy time is the best time! Your niece is so sweet! Have a great day!

  6. LOVE when you and your sisters get together, and how precious are the pics of the littlest spice! So sorry you didn't get the presenter, but girl you are such an amazing inspiration. You've got this for next time! <3 you!
    Green Fashionista

  7. There is nothing quite like those baby snuggles!!! I'm so glad that you had that time with her and your sisters.

  8. I love Hash A Go Go. I always went when I was in Vegas, but now we have one in Reno. Sooooo good. I love the photos from your trip to AZ. Seeing your neice makes me want another. Ha. I am turning 35 this year too! Birthday year twins.

  9. Your niece is such a little doll! I know how hard it is being away from family. Whenever I visit and have to leave I ball my freakin' eyes out. Vegas looks so fun (I'd love to just lay by that pool) and yummy! Happy 35th! Just keep on doing your thang!

  10. That steak dinner looks delicious!! I'm glad that you took time to celebrate your birthday and hope that it assuaged some of the sadness of not getting the news you wanted on the auditions. I think I've sufficiently stalked all the sisters + niece photos.... but in case I haven't, they are totally my favorites!! SO sweet!


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