June 5, 2018

Monthly Motivation: Choose Your THING

Morning, friends! How are you doing today? Hope your week is off to a great start, I'm getting back into the groove after a weekend away with Le Husband. Yesterday's workouts were better than anticipated and now I'm planning the rest of my week. 

Which is where my post comes in. Today is the FIRST day of our Monthly Motivation and I'm super excited to be hosting with Lynn. I honestly thought longer than I should have about what I wanted to share today. There are so many great places to start, so many awesome things to pursue and so much research to read. 

And then the light bulb went off in my brain. With so much to do, how can one be successful? My suggestion:

What do you want to change? Is it drinking more water? Is it eating better? Is it being more consistent with your work outs? Is it leaning up? Getting stronger? Finding a way to make something a routine? Once you decide what you WANT to change, choose ONE THING and make a plan. 

Too many people try to change EVERYTHING and then end of failing because the amount of things to change is too overwhelming. Raise your hand if you've been there [RAISES HAND HIGH]. Y'all I've been there too many times to count. Trying to RESET everything. Trying to get better at everything and IT. IS. EXHAUSTING. And completely unattainable. 

So I learned. SLOWLY. Pick one thing, commit to it and make it a habit before you attempt the next big change. First it was lifting heavy weights with my husband. After six months of committing to getting stronger I started to add in more cardio. Then I began cleaning up my eating and figuring out WHAT works for my body. This was across three years, y'all. THREE! Changing your lifestyle is NOT a quick fix, it is something you have to decide to pursue and then COMMIT to working on day after day. 

Take a moment today and think about what one thing you really want to commit to become more healthy. Then, plan it out. If you're adding more fitness into your routine, WRITE workouts in your planner so you can't flake to on yourself. Maybe you want to drink more water, set your timer on your phone as a reminder every hour. You could want to eat more whole foods and less processed foods, so that means slowly changing eating habits. Plan which processed food you will replace with a healthier version. 

Small daily choices, become weekly choices, which become monthly choices and soon become habit. YOU CAN DO THIS, you just have to believe in yourself and find a plan you believe in. If you want help, email me or leave a question in my comments. I'm passionate about people working to improve their lives and want to help you as best I can. 

What are you choosing to change this month?


  1. I am terrible at attacking goals one at a time. I always set too many and try to get them all at once and nothing gets done!

  2. I love this! Setting and achieving goals is so amazing!

  3. ugh this is so what i needed to see today. i am guilty of trying to change everything and then failing miserably. i just need to focus on one thing at a time. thank you for sharing! now to actually choose my one thing lol

  4. totally 100% support this. baby steps is key. all too often people sabotage their own efforts because they're so impatient and dont give their bodies a chance to adjust.


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