June 13, 2018

These Are My Confessions

... Lately I've been horrible at wearing my seatbelt. I'll drive to the gym without it buckled on the reg now. Which is awful and stupid and just ridiculous, but it keeps happening. I think it's because my hands are always full when I get in the car then I put it in drive and take off. Need to get better. 

... The other day I walked out of the grocery store without paying for something. I didn't realize it until I got to my car and I was just too tired and too lazy to walk back. Even though it was something small, I feel bad. 

... Dinner last night was toasted bread, Chic Fila sauce with chicken at 9:45pm. All the glamour over here.

... I posted a silly video of my dancing in the kitchen on my Instastories and over 180 people viewed it which made smile and laugh. For some of you, that's peanuts, but for me that's the most views one of my stories has ever received. Guess I need to figure out more dance songs, ha. 

... Speaking of a laugh, I had a nice chuckle when I saw WHO was viewing my stories. Talk about some people coming out of the wood work to sneak a peek. Hey, I'll take the numbers from ya. 

... My other blog is failing again. I keep getting distracted and annoyed with WORDPRESS. Such a different platform than blogger, one where you need to BUY a premium site to get anything cool. Which I am NOT doing yet. 

... Speaking of money, I was way over budget in May and am pushing it again. This isn't a 'teehee I bought two extra shirts I shouldn't have', this is a 'damn everyone I trained is taking a summer break and cash flow is tight' over budget. WE are fine, totally fine. My ego. Not so much. 

... Oh and speaking of ego, I let it get in the way over the weekend and it caused a tiff with Le Husband. Which was stupid and mostly on me, but I wanted him to give me some back up and he was just himself and quite. I feel dumb because things have been super awesome lately, we've found our 'this time of life groove' and I messed it up on Saturday night. Everything was fine Sunday, but that's just a night I won't get back. 

That's it for this week....what do you have to confess?


  1. let's not talk about budget over here... i was way over for two months... not good. And dance lady dance, you inspired me to dance.

  2. budget not good for me either - boo!

    PUT that seatbelt ON friend!

    I forget water every time at the dang store bc its on the bottom of the cart haha face palm

    have a great day!! xo

  3. i forget to do my seatbelt as well..then kayla has to remind me (good girl!)

  4. oh the budget, May was not a good month ..oops! I keep buying stuff, that needs to stop, or they need to stop having sales to make me want to buy everything. I've done the grocery store thing, I wasn't going to go back in, but then realized it was a $36 something...oops! And wear a seatbelt young lady! Doesn't your car beep at you until you put it on?

  5. my budget, ugh. I need to get back on track. My car beeps if I don't put on my seatbelt, otherwise I could see myself doing the same thing. I bought a cheap template online for my Wordpress site; I was too cheap to do much else. And we all have those moments with our significant others. We're human!

  6. oh my gosh girl put your seatbelt on!!! i drive out of my driveway or leaving work without it sometimes and then it beeps at me lol. i use wordpress for work and i am not a fan.
    our budget is out of control lately. i don't like being out of control even if we are 'fine', you know?

  7. Clearly people want to see you dance!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Confessions are confessions for a reason which means they many not always be sunshine and roses! Life comes with challenges and sometimes tiffs with our husbands happen. It's good to talk about it, get over it and move onward in your relationship, which it sounds like you did. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  9. You had me at Chic Fil A sauce! Yay for all the silly dancing videos, but girlllll I love you PLEASE wear your seat belt. Pretty please <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. Noooo! Please wear your seatbelt, silly! Anything can happen in a flash! And girl, what kind of trouble is WordPress giving you? Maybe I can help?

  11. I read something many years ago about most accidents happening within like a mile from home so I never move without my seatbelt.

    I hate when I bust up a groove even if it's fine the next day.

  12. My dinners have been awful lately. I make sure E eats something good and then for me I just wing it. Hopefully once Kyle is here it will be better.

  13. I love looking at who views my IG stories like "I see you over there still stalking my life even though you gone" My budget this month, also not good. I'm already afraid that next month is going to be similar.

  14. Ugh. I hate those moments. I always remind myself (especially when I'm traveling) that there are so many days I won't get back and I need to be better and more patient and, and, and... and something stupid happens and I lose my temper and get frustrated at my husband and I just HATE it. Because I know the reality of never getting those days back... and yet, I continue to make those stupid mistakes. With you in solidarity, sister.

  15. IT's been a minute since I have stopped over here. (Baby has kinda been taking up my time. So I Promise it's not personal!)
    and the wordpress thing I tried figuring out a while back and didn't have the drive in me to continue, so I MIGHT revisit it again in the future. We'll see.
    Glad to see you doing well :)

    xo, Lisa Mom Wife Design Life Blog


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