June 29, 2018

Weekly Wins: End of June and BEFORE FAMILY!

Y'all, July is almost here. Say what? Part of me is 'oh my goodness' while the other part is 'yay, family time starts on Saturday' excited! Which of course brings me to my first weekly win!

+ FAMILY TIME ALLLLL NEXT WEEK! Yes, y'all, yes! I am so excited to see everyone and of course snuggle on my delicous niece. CAN.NOT.WAIT!

+ Power came back on quicker than expected yesterday and I was so grateful. 

+ I am training a client today, woop! She isn't my client, but it's money, so I'll take it. 

+ My PT appointment has slowly helped my back issues and I'm really thankful to have such an awesome PT to work with, she's the best. The work she makes me do though, yeah, no. 

+ I gave up two classes and am enjoying the extra night off a week. It had to be done.

+ Having people tell you how bummed they are you aren't teaching the class anymore is nice, though.

What are your wins this week?


  1. Look at that vertical! Get it girl! Yay for family time & more free time!!

  2. Holy plyometrics! Hope you have a great time with th fam! Happy July!

  3. MAKE HER YOUR CLIENT! (Is that bad? probably... but still.) So proud of you for reclaiming your time!! <3

  4. So many wins!! I so admire your fitness journey and what a badass trainer you've become. Also yay for family weeks - they're the best.

  5. Sometimes you just need to take a break and relax your body and/or spend time at home with the hubby! Yay for family time! Hope you have a blast catching up with you sisters, babies and parents! xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  6. Yay for family time!!!! Woo hoo!!!


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