March 16, 2011

ABC...easy as 1,2,3

Nothing really inspiring to write lately so I haven't been. But, I don't want to fall of the blog bandwagon again, so thank goodness ya'll are playing the ABC's game. Quick little list (again!?!) hope you enjoy!

Age: 27.97 (Birthday in a month!)
Bed size: Queen. I LUV my bed!
Chore you hate: Raking leaves or any outdoor chore.
Dogs: Parents have 2, I don't have 1 of my own...yet
Essential start of your day: Coffee and breakfast
Favorite color: P!nk!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gold or silver: Silver, hands down
Height: 5'3
Instruments I play: I played the violin, clarinet, bells and Stand-up Bass
Job title: Specialist
Kids: None currently. I'd like a few once I'm married for a bit!
Live: East Coast
Mom’s name: Sally
Nicknames: to do this...P!NKY, Itzy, Honey, Princess, Pookie Bear and others that have to do with my actual name :)
Overnight hospital stays: None for myself, but stayed with my mom once
Pet peeve: Telling me I look TIRED/SICK (i know), hanging up on me, body function sounds ew!
Quote from a movie: "But it's a talking DOG!" UP
Right or left-handed: Righty tighty
Siblings: 2 younger Sissys
Time you wake up: 5:30 if I work out in the am....6:30 if I don't
Underwear: Girlie
Vegetable you dislike: broccoli,broccoli,broccoli.ick.ick.ick
What makes you run late: Trying to cram that extra thing in before I leave
X-rays you have had done: Teeth, ankle, knees
Yummy food you make: Cupcakes, brownies, chicken&peppers, sausage&pasta
Zoo animal: Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! I love cheetahs, panthers, peacocks and giraffes

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