March 3, 2011

Thirteen Thursdays

No time for a normal post this week, so it's a random list. Since it's Thursday, we'll make it '13 kinds of random'

1)Work is all sorts of crazy. New people (finally) but that means more documentation and ME leading training. EEEK!

2)What is with the weather, 60s yesterday and 20s today? NO THANK YOU!

3)I have totally blown off my eating plan this week. The weekend was super busy and too many late nights so I took Monday "off" and well, never got back on. Oh well, I needed it!

4)Breakfast today = Cocoa Pebbles

5)I threw a Birthday party for SportySpice this weekend and it was insane! I can't tell you how many random things happened, went wrong, went right and just went coo-coo! All in all she had a BLAST which was the point so I would say it was a success. :)

6)I keep finding amazing blogs to read/stalk, ya'll are so awesome!

7)I am pondering actually spending $$ to get my blog redone so it looks prettier and more 'hip'

8)Did I just say the word hip? Wow, I'm getting old!

9)Heading to a St. Paddy's day parade with a coworker, her kids (adorable), SportySpice, C and maybe BabySpice. I love parades!

10)I might be going with C to visit some of his friends for a surprise bday party. It might be 6 hours in the car each way and I might be nervous about it!

11)I watched 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' last night and it was adorable! Two thumbs way way up!

12)Ash Wednesday is next week and I am 302480 billion ways of NOT READY for LENT!

13)My birthday is in a MONTH, Weeeeeedeeeeeedeeeeee!!!

Have a great day friends, xoxo!

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