March 7, 2011

Missy Monday

As in "MIS"CELLANEOUS! Ohmyyyyword how did it get to be MONDAY already? I am so not ready for another work week and fortheloveofPete its almost Mid-March.


I had the craziest dream last night. I was marrying the ex!!!! Have any of you had one of the random get back together with an ex dreams?!?!? Those always throw me, not in a 'should I be with person EX (hahah)' but more of WHERE THE HECK did THAT come from? Yeah, I was marrying GT and my family was OKAY with it (NOWAYJOSE)! But get this, it gets even weirder. The whole ceremony was about to start and I was at the back of the church and found a note from HIS ex-confessing her love blah blah blah. Of course I flipped and ran away, but then came back and saw he had told her no (how he wrote back on the note, I have no idea, that's why it's a dream). HOWEVER, there was a new note addressed to me from one of my best guy friends J, telling me I was making a mistake and asking me to leave GT at the alter and marry HIM instead! COME AGAIN?!?!? {Let me just state that J is basically my older brother so that would just be weird.} So here I am reading this note at the back of the church and I end up LEAVING!!! Cue movie-esque music and me running around in my wedding dress (which was really pretty, not what I plan to wear but pretty none the less) and I locate J and just say 'THANK YOU'! The strangest part for me was my family, especially my sisters, was SOOOO angry at me for doing that to GT! I do not understand that at all, but again, a DREAM! I woke up so totally confused and racked with guilt about the whole thing. I immediately looked to my left to see if C was awake which he wasn't. Not sure why I felt guilty about it but I did. EEEEK!

I always wondered where dreams come from and one of my friends say often it's just a mish-mash of what happened throughout the day, week, month and your brain picks different parts and puts it together. Haven't talked to J in awhile, and def haven't talked to GT or thought of him in awhile. The word 'wedding' came up with C and I last night (and it totally made me smile) but it was referring to US and not other people. Weird weird weird!

I made these AMAZING chocolate-chip cookies this weekend and checkit: THEY ARE ACTUALLY HEALTHY BUT TASTE Soooooooooooooooo good! I was super excited and made them for people at work and everyone Loooooooooooooves them! YAY for a new guilty-free sweet.

Today is my eye appointment and I am BEYOND scared! Soo, soo, soo nervous and terrified and worried about what the doctor will say. I mean, I can tell that my Lasik has regressed, duh everything is fuzzy. I just HOPE and PRAY that this can be fixed with drops or even another surgery (that they pay for). I have been contact and glasses free for 6 years now and I really really really really really don't want to go back. Please say a little prayer for me if you can, I could really use it.

My sisters are amazing and I love them so much. BabySpice is home from law school this weekend and we had a lot of fun hanging out together. Despite the fact she almost broke my wrist playing the Wii Dance Revolution game (I am beyond BALLER at this game). I could go on and on about how much I love them, but that will be for another post!

I hope ya'll have a painless Monday! xoxo

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