March 28, 2011

March Musings

Warning: This post is a compilation of randomness de Marzo

1}What is up with the weather. 70s two weekends ago and then flurries Saturday night? I know "in like a lamb out like a lion" but goodness gracious, mother nature pahleeeeease stop PMSing and give me normal spring weather?!?

2}We really need to find a cure for CANCER!!! Each and every different form needs to be CURED right now! I have some high school friends who have now turned acquaintances who lost each lost their mother (s?) this month to cancer. How INCREDIBLY sad is that?!?! I fight and argue with my mom all the time, but the thought she will one day not be here scares the crud out of me. So incredibly sad, my heart hurts for these people.

3}Speaking of heart hurting and craptastic situations, BlackOps deploys in a few weeks and SportSpice will officially be the girlfriend of a deployed Army guy. WOW! Never imagined how grown up my sissy would have to be. This is gonna be a huge test for their relationship and her faith. Please pray for HIS safety and the safety of all those over there!!!!

4}Met C's family this weekend....holy cow that's big! They came in from out of state to visit him and man was I nervous. I really really really wanted to make a good impression and I think I did. However, our families are SUCH opposites! The best description " My family is more excited for a random January 7th than they show for Christmas". They aren't boring, they are so sweet, but very quiet and VERY VERY CHILL! My family is loud, energetic, sweet and crazy. Lord help us if we get married.

5}Which is something that has SERIOUSLY come up! C and I have been talking about the future and it would seem we are both looking at a forever together. Now, I KNOW how much this can change and how it's just talk until it actually happens. But, this is the FIRST time I have ever SERIOUSLY had this conversation and thought about a forever. We will need to talk more about religion but right now it's a little scary to think about how real the "M" word might be.

6}I got an iPHONE!!!!!!!Huzzzzzzzzah and welcome to the smart phone age! Can't believe I actually did it, but I really am enjoying it right now. Hopefully I won't become too dependent because that would not be a good thing.

7}Top Chef finale this week, I CAN'T wait!

8}Almost birthday month....can you say excited!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday friends! xoxo

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