May 24, 2018

Exciting Blogging News: Monthly Motivation

Hey, friends. Happy Thursday to you. Hope this week is going well [mine is because family time is super close this weekend]. Maybe this post will add a lil something to your week.

If you've been reading here for awhile [THANK YOU and HI] you'll know I met one of my besties via blogging. Yup, Lynn of Dispositive Motion is my BOFF [Best Online Friend FOREVER]. We connected quickly on our views of life, family, fun and of course fitness.

While both of us THRIVE when we're active and eating healthy we both go about our workout routines different ways. she is a busy working lawyer mama of the cutest lil girl [I heart lil E], wife and twirling teacher so her workout schedule is much more limited than mine since I basically live at the gym and teach fitness classes. And you know what? that's honestly the BEST thing ever. Because we get to ask each other questions, change up our routines and learn from one another.

We also get to hold each other accountable and on days where it's all BLAH we get to motivate each other to stay healthy. Which is where the idea of our Monthly Motivation linkup was born.

Join us on the FIRST TUESDAY of every month for a dose of Monthly Motivation. Starting June 5th, we will be hosting a linkup to help set your monthly healthy living goals. The linkup will be all about sharing tips, tricks, food planning, workout planning and just talking about how you stay motivated each month. Share your favorite food ideas for adults and kids and just cheer each other on as we reach for our goals. 

Lynn and I are so excited and we can't wait to see you on June 5th!


  1. SUPER COOL as you are sooo good at Motivating!! Congrats and have a splendid Holiday weekend!

  2. This is awesome. I really could use some motivation, actually I could use ALOT of it!! So thank you in advance!

  3. Awesome! I love motivation

  4. I love this! You are so good at motivation!

  5. Yay for this new link up. I can't wait to join in on it!!!

  6. couldn't think of a better person to host a link up like this! i've written it down, so there's a 70% chance i will actually remember and join in. jk. i'm gonna really try because i need all the help i can get right now! i can talk about anything? cool beans.


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