May 7, 2018

TTB {All Things Entertainment}

1|| Comedy or Drama? Romantic Comedy is my favorite, I don't like just HAHA comedies. All about a good action drama, though. Drama just for drama's sake, NOPE!

2|| Fiction or Non-Fiction? Historical fiction, so kind of both? I love me some historical fiction. 

3|| Movies in Theater or at Home? 100% at home. I am so not a movie theater person, don't like people, don't like the ripoff prices and movie popcorn ain't my jam. I'll only go if it's a Disney movie, Harry Potter or James Bond. Otherwise I'm waiting for it to be on a DVD. 

4|| Musical or Play? Musical. I wish my life was a Musical.

5|| Which meal of the day is your favorite to eat out? Used to be breakfast so I could sample all the sweet treats, but now my body doesn't handle so much sugar so eating out for breakfast is kind of silly. I guess that makes it dinner. 

6|| Favorite Book ever read? Can't. Nope. Too many!

7|| Game Night: Yes or No? Love game notes, we grew up with them. Don't have any at the moment.

8|| Favorite Outside Game to Play? Lay down and tan :)! I really like volleyball for fun and of course soccer. 


10|| Sitcoms Growing up or Sitcoms Now? Growing up, I guess, but we weren't allowed to watch much television. Don't watch any now, so I have NO IDEA what SITCOMS are out there. 

11|| Miniature Gold of Bowling? BOWLING! Le Husband and I have our own shoes and balls. 

12|| Favorite Movie Theater Candy? M&Ms

13|| How do you like your popcorn? Hot, very little butter and with M&Ms sprinkled throughout. 

14|| 3D movies with glasses; Yes or No? HARD NO!

15|| Favorite Genre of Books to Read? Historical fiction or WW2 History. 


  1. This was so fun!! I wish my life was a musical too!!! Have a super sweet Monday!

  2. Love. Girl you need to watch at least one sitcom... just to unplug.

  3. I'm with you, I hate 3D glasses. I too wish my life was a musical.

  4. I'm a historical fiction girl, too! I would love to know what your favorite books are!

  5. Oh my goodness I cannot wait to lay out and tan this summer! Give me a good book and time to nap and it is absolutely glorious! :) lol

  6. I can't do 3D movies either, they give me such a bad headache.

  7. LOL I also wish my life was a musical. I feel like it would be a lot harder for people to take life so seriously if we all just randomly broke out into song and dance... or at least if they were upset there would be a song & dance for it...

  8. You guys have your own shoes and balls!!! That is awesome. I haven't bowled in forever. M&Ms in your popcorn. Never have done that. I need to try it.

  9. I WISH MY LIFE WAS A MUSICAL TOO. We're totally supposed to be friends.

  10. How did you like the way they said goodbye to Abby?


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