May 23, 2018

The Thrown Together Family Weekend

Y'all I'm tired. Last week was atrocious and this weekend was soooo jam packed and then Monday I woke up early to drive the eight hours back home to Tennessee. All worth it, though. ALL WORTH IT!

Sportsyspice is in town and decided to baptism her babygirl on Sunday so you know I drove my tush up there to be present. Sweet princess did so well during the service. She mostly slept {PTL} and just gave the pastor a funny look when he sprinkled her with water three times. Having her 'officially' part of God's family is a huge milestone and I was so thankful I was able to make it work out. I also just enjoyed being with my family and loving on my niece. So many baby cuddles were had. So many kisses given. SO many wonderful moments hugging. And just lots of fun. 

I was also able meet up with many friends and it was divine to see everyone. My soul received a well needed pump up and enjoying my old stomping grounds brought me so much joy. A bunch of people stopped by on Saturday and I was able to go out to dinner with a friend on Friday, too. My bestie also brought her one week old daughter over and it was just a treat to snuggle a brand new baby.   Mama B was also kind enough to treat me to a pedicure and it was lovely to just relax and hang out with her too. 

The drive home was long, but it was so worth it. I am sad to be away again, but we will all be together this weekend for a family wedding, so cheers. 


  1. How great that you could squeeze all that in and get some much needed sister time!

  2. Looks like the exhaustion was more than worth it. Yayyyy for seeing your sisters and that adorable niece of yours again, and having her baptised. Such a sweet lil' face <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. What a beautiful time with family! These memories are the best.

  4. Did you and your sister plan to wear the same dress? I love the dress by the way and what a great weekend. I hope you get to relax this weekend!

  5. Such a sweet thing to celebrate... and thank goodness for some family time to recenter you after such a tough week! Real talk though - you're looking AMAZING, girlfriend! That first family picture is dynamite!! Hottie!!


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