September 25, 2018

Joy Bombs

.:. Getting to sleep in on a Monday because I chose to work over the weekend.

.:. Surprising my mom and enjoying her laugh.

.:. Having a good shift on Sunday.

.:. Windows open and candles lit.

.:.Le Husband cooking a delicious dinner for the two of us to enjoy while we watch our favorite show.

.:. Catching Harry Potter on TV for a cozy evening.

.:. Friends who support me no matter what and let me know.

.:. Face masks, at home pedicures and new lotion smells.

.:. Sharing in special secrets with people I love.

.:. Peaceful sleeps after stressful days.

.:. Penpal letters in the mail.

.:. Surprise texts that just make your day.

.:. Four new books checked out from the library.

.:. Beautiful, wonderful sunshine.


  1. Yay for so many things that bring joy to your life! It's the little things that matter most!

  2. All the joy and love and surprises!!! love you lady

  3. And you deserve all the joy friend!!

  4. Yes yes yes to face masks and home pedicures!

  5. Being able to have the windows open is the best! Wishing you all the joy!

  6. Yes to all of these. I love at home pedicures and nice lotions. And I definitely love when my husband cooks dinner!!!


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