September 14, 2018

Weekly Wins: First Week at the New Job

throw confetti, duh. #bandofun
YAY, it's FRIDAY! Kind of, for me. I work tomorrow, but that's okay because I've made it almost to end of my first work week. WAHOOOO WAHOOOO! Let's count up the wins.

+ I didn't blank out my first two days of work on the floor. I wasn't perfect, but I wasn't awful which is huge.

+ Sleep has been a tad bit better, which is a huge win. I've been suffering extremely painful back spasms every night since June and any night it's not an eight, I'm grateful. I have an appointment set with a specialist next month, fingers crossed. 

+ I had a successful dermatologist appointment {bye bye bad mole} and a semi successful acupuncture appointment. I think I'll need a few more needle treatments, but I'm thankful she squeezed me in so quickly.

+ Le Husband has been super fantastic about cooking during my work week, he's the best. 

How was your week? What can I cheer on for you?


  1. Congrats on making it to the end of your first week! And yay for the bad mole being gone!

  2. tell me more about the acu treatment! what for, why semi-successful?

  3. Way to go, friend! One week down... and it only goes up from here!!

  4. Yay for week one being done! Sounds successful to me! :)


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