September 24, 2018

Remember the Fight


Sometimes the fight is physical. Sometimes mental. Quite often, emotional. Life takes no prisoners and life doesn't promise you easy. Your highest highs can be followed by the lowest lows. 

There have been quite a few times over the past months I haven't wanted/chosen to fight. I've sat back. I've cried. I've said "it isn't fair". I've thought "now, really"? There have been days of sobbing through the night, desperately praying for a new path. A light at the end of a tunnel. 

Other times I've said "eff this, I got this". I've dug in. I've done the work and sometimes been rewarded.

Funny, the times I've chosen to fight I've always felt better. I've always found my way. And here we are now. Two weeks out of training and I'm doing decent. I'm not crying every night, doubting myself and my path. I'm learning. Trying. Working. Choosing joy. 

Will this be my path forever? Probably not. 

Do I want this to be my career? No, not really. 

But for now, I'm fighting and working daily. I'm making the effort to try and learn from this place. From this path laid out in front of me. I've had some really good days, some good days a couple BLAH days, but that's life. 

On this Monday I want you to remember the fight. The reason. The why. YOU CAN DO THI!


  1. Love you! So darn proud of your fight and desire to learn and grow from this experience.

  2. You have so got this! I'm glad that you're not crying every night or doubting yourself. You are so amazing & strong!

  3. Definitely needed the reminder today girl! xo, BianaBlovedBoston

  4. Big hugs friend. You got this :)


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