September 27, 2018

What September Taught Me

If you bust your @$$ long enough, people will reward your effort. I struggled so much in training. I gave it my all, even when it didn't seem good enough. I kept showing up. I kept trying. I kept going because I had to and it was rewarded. I was given extra chances and made the most of opportunities and made it to the finish line.

Rest when you can. For real. When you're stressed to the max, emotionally & physically, taking a moment to lay down and breathe is helpful. Squeezing in a nap after dinner is worth it. Saying no to a fun activity to catch your sanity is okay.

Unexpected people will help you out. So many people went to bat for me during training. To the people on Instagram who cheered me up when I cried, thank you. To my mentors, trainers and fellow trainee who championed me when I felt like a failure, thank you. To anyone who had a kind comment, it meant the world.

Outside the comfort zone is scary, but sometimes it's a must. Sometimes you must grow. Sometimes you must try something you'd never try. Sometimes you must do things you don't want to because it just needs to be done. And you learn, YES YOU CAN!

You can try and plan your life, but NOPE. Big ol haha, NOPE! Go ahead and plan, then let me know how it goes. The past two months have taught me to roll with the punches and figure it all out. Plans are great, but life does not adhere to plans.

Summer is truly my favorite. I love summer. The heat. The sunshine. The relax. The clothes. I'm so thankful I get such a long summer down here in Tennessee. The crips fall air will arrive soon enough and then bring winter, boo. So I'm soaking it all up now, while I can.

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  1. Great lessons learned! I really love the comfort zone one. I feel like I'm at a crossroads between sticking with what I know & going outside my comfort zone.

  2. Love this. Our challenges sometimes bring us the best rewards. Keep trucking friend!

  3. Rest when you can is such an important thing that I think we overlook... I'm so glad that you were able to find support in unexpected places. That's one of the best feelings in my book.


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