April 16, 2010

The BLESSED Birthday yet!

Happy Friday everyone!!!! (or anyone)!

Normally I try to make Fridays FAITHful, but this week the word of the day is:

I am sooooooooo incredibly blessed in my life and yesterday was proof positive! Yesterday I celebrated my birthday and it was probably one of the top 3 I can remember. Nothing majorly big or special happened, but I had a day where I felt a complete out pouring of love from all of my close friends and acquaintances. I received numerous texts, calls, facebook messages from friends near and far. My work team got me a P!NK birthday cake, specially made. I had dinner with my family and met up with a very dear friend, CH for after dinner drinks and chat time.
Who needs GT? While I am still dealing with the aftermath of what happened I had an epiphany last night. If we had been dating for my birthday, I can guarantee that I would have been disappointed because he wouldn't have made the day special. (Sidenote: he did call me on weds and sent me a response email on my birthday. And NO I haven't responded to either). He wouldn't have put his life or day aside for me and I would have been sad all over again.
God seems to know what he is doing huh? I mean, I could have gone without the hurt of feeling lied to for a whole month and someone ruining my birthday. But, maybe that's the only think that would have got my rear end into gear.
All in all, I had a fantastical day and feel so blessed to have everyone who helped with my happiness in my life.

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