May 11, 2011

B family for THE WIN!

This weekend my family flew down to ALABAMA to fake surprise my grandfather for his 80th birthday. What's a fake surprise you ask? Here's a summary in a nutshell:

1)GmaK planned a suprise bday party 6 months ago
2)Family made plans
3)Tornado swept through Alabama 3 weeks agoish
4)Grandparents are FINE just lost power, however the POWER grid in North Alabama was hit hard causing a loss of power all over.
5)GmaK canceled party.
6)The B family said BALONEY and Poof Party is back on
7)GpaJ found out about party so he knew everyone was coming.
So, a fake surprise it was but a GREAT Time was had.

I LOVE my family but we are a little crazy. Okay, we are A LOT crazy but that makes us fun. Many of my friends call us the B___ Bunch because while we aren't a combined family {Mommy and Daddy have been happily married for the past 30 years} compared to other families we are that quintessential family of 5. Don't get me wrong we have a TON of fights, problems, crazy crazy momemtns but we are a family of Love first and formost.

The weekend was a whirlwind, flying down friday night and then leaving Sunday morning. Poor BabySpice had a HORRIBLYHORRIFICTERRIBLE experience with US Airways both flying into and out of Alabama. {Guess who will be getting a NASTY note in the mail this week?} We got to see family we haven't seen in a decade and others we hadn't seen in a year or so. My grandparents are pretty awesome but very eclectic so we weren't sure how the weekend was gonna go. All in all it was fun, chill and a heck of a good time.

Enjoy the picture overload. :)
{But excuse the quality of pics, these were snapped with the iphizzle}

{GmaK is the only one who calls GpaJ Jimmy. She made this sign}

{SportySpice chilling in the airport...such a GOOB}

{GpaJ and GmaK King and Queen for the weekend}

{Monkey jumping on the hotel bed}

{UNICORNS I LOVE THEM...we are obssessed with Despicable Me}

{B family Scrabble?!?! yes please. My cuz dropped a 98 point word eeek}

{Remember when I said we were crazy?!?! SportySpice and I wore these hats to pick up BabySpice from the airport. And yes, everyone loved us}

{Daddy and stylish}

{Just your normal B sister airport pickup! I got MULTIPLE comments on my facebook account for this picture. Babyspice's face is hilarious}

{The entire B family at Olive Garden for dinner. YES with hats on}

{Otherside of the table. Mom and Daddy are the couple in the middle}

{SportySpice, P!nky and cousin K3}

{Cousin K2 and Aunt K1 from Texas}

{Bellinis and Sangria yummy}

{Happy Bday GpJ}

{Pretty spring nail fashion}

{Taught my Aunts the shoe pic....they LOVED IT}

{Yes, SportySpice is the CLASSY sister}

{Sending Babyspice off at the airport!}

Have a great week friends!


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