May 20, 2011


That's right friends, I am channeling SNOOP DOGG today....HOLLLAAAAAAAA!

Please don't judge the duck face, I just think I'm hard core sometimes. I mean come one, don't we all?!?!? {crickets...drat}

Anyhoo, my brainio is crazyio at the moment cause welp it's been a long week of work, moving and organizing. Finally the place is coming together and OH HAPPY DAY my bathroom is all set up. Remember my last post about this beautiful shower curtain?!?! YEAH if I was a preteen!!! Seriously when I looked at the set at the store I flashed back to being a 12 year old. I mean come on, I know I look young but not THAT young. Thankfully my coworker K was there with me and lo and behold look what we FOUND! {Chorus of angels: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh}. This DKNY set fits in beautifully in my bathroom and I'm now working with grey instead of black and would you look at that P!NK!!!! I am one happy gal!

Well not entirely happy, because of said bathroom and other home furnishing purchases I have to return this sweet purse. Actually, tote. Which I don't all. But really really really wanted. However, my bank account and I are trying to become better friends so I can buy fun new bathroom accessories, but can't keep an unnecessary tote! Bye-bye pretty!

Okay enough sadness...on to the fun. ;)

Wanna see what my weekend entails:

This handsome guy{You my boyfriend C}

This silly girl

{Call or ride in a car with SportySpice for a good time}

This other crazy girl

{BabySpice is so much fun, can't wait to see her}

A little bit of some competitive kickerball

{Our uni's are pretty fly for some white guys...and girls}

Seriously can't wait for the weekend.

The only thing that would make it better would be THIS GUY home safe and sound.{I missssss you tons BlackOps}

I hope ya'lls weekends are fun too!


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