May 24, 2011

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend Recap

Oh hey there guys and gals, how was your weekend? Mine was filled with TONS of driving but also TONS of fun. I got to see my sissy’s, play on the beach, hang out with an old friend and while we didn’t have a good tournament, I had a GREAT time with my Kickerball team.

Can I just say how much I HATE TRAFFIC!!?!?! I know most people don’t like it and get frustrated when there is traffic, but I take it to a WHOLE new LEVEL! I am a very energetic person (some would say hyper) but am pretty laid back. But that goes OUT THE WINDOW when there is traffic involved. This is not full on road rage, but ladies it’s pretty dog-on close.

I’m talking naughty words…banging the steering wheel….yelling at people and all out woe is me moments. {Father please forgive me}

So needless to say I was really worried about the drive to the beach this weekend. SportySpice was going to be in the car with me, which was the only thing keeping me sane. All in all it wasn’t too bad, but the first 2 hours were pretty painful. Luckily SportySpice made a pretty fantastic CD mix with my fav song “Look at Me Now” {Lil weezy….call me}. We had a good time jamming out, hit up the Chic-fil-A (my favvy) and lo and behold we made it to the beach.

C was already in town so SportySpice and I just chilled until he came to the hotel to meet us. He wanted a quick workout before bed but she and I just wanted to chill and wait for BabySpice and J (her college friend who was subbing with my team this weekend). Once they both got there it was FULL on 16 year old girls sleepover mode. No joke, we were jumping on the bed, giggle, joking, laughing LOUDLY and singing. Poor C didn’t know what to do with himself so he did the normal boy thing…plugged in his computer and put on his headphones. Normally I would have tried to keep everyone quiet, but hey we were having fun.

The next morning was the tournament and I am soooo upset about the outcome. Our team just fell apart for no apparent reason and it stunk…a big one. The team is made up of a bunch of great people and friends but after the round robin play everyone was in a pissy mood. So SportySpice, Babyspice, J and I decided to go to the beach and catch some rays (not that I needed any…hello first sun burn of the season). My friend from high school MC was there and we got to catch up with her. She looks great and makes me wish I was able to run because she is soooo in shape and running a lot races. Don’t worry, I’ve already called the Dr. and made an appointment to address my leg issues. I need to get my run on ASAP.

Saturday night we went out to dinner and to the team social which was fun. I have started to notice though that I only really want 1 or 2 drinks when I go out if it’s not a special occasion. I just don’t want the unnecessary calories it seems. What happened to Booze Bag Magee?

Sunday was the drive home then I had to help C move out of his place and into mine (JUST FOR THE WEEK……FOR REAL). Boys are so funny; they never listen to you when you suggest the RIGHT way for something to be done. Until they have exhausted and pouted using all the other ways. Eeeeeesh! Ladies, you know what I’m talking about right?!?!
Anyway, he has most of the main stuff at my place now but we are moving the bigger stuff after my tennis match tonight. My parents are so sweet and have offered to let him use the basement for the week so he doesn’t have to get a storage unit (so glad he listened to me on this…heehee). We were up late last night putting things together so I’m a little on the tizzzzard side right now. I can’t wait till later this week when we are all settled and I can just breath.

Wow, this is a rambler…thanks if you made it all the way through. Hope yall have a great day!

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