May 12, 2011


“My bank account
My bank account (DOH)
I’m spending dollars.
My bank account (DOH)
My bank account (YEAH)
Fresh out of money YEP”

{Sung to the magical beat of “LOOK AT ME NOW” by Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Busta}

Above is no lie ladies…I am spending $$$s like it’s my J-O-B!!!!!!!

I go through spurts of pinching every penny and saving ever little bit followed by some decadent splurging (never outside of my means though, Mama B would kick my hiney!) But seriously it’s been a major splurging spree and I can’t figure out why. Case in point below!

An open letter to me from my Bank Account:
Dear Miss P!nky,

Hello my dear how are you? You must be doing well considering all of the many purchases of the past month. That dress from Lilly did you really need it??? Serves you right it didn’t fit properly and now that money is back in your account….OH wait, no it isn’t. That pesky Diana Vonn Furstenberg was featured on the HORRID site Ruelala and you bought a new wallet and purse with the money you should have saved. My darling darling girl, have you lost your mind? What in the world do you need a new purse for? You have so many pretty ones hanging in your closet.

I also think you need to go on a break from your current relationship with the site Ideeli as well. Just because SOMETHING IS ON SALE it does NOT mean you should buy it! Stop, re-read last sentence. Feel free to insert PINK in with the word SALE.

Not to kick you when you are down, but sweet child have you forgotten you just rented a new 1 bedroom apartment? I know you have been wanted your own place for a while, and I am willing to overlook the extra $400 a month you will be paying since you no longer will have a roommate. But goodness child, if you want to live like an ADULT then you need to be good with your money like an adult.
In summary Miss P!nky you need to start saving more my dear. You have plenty of shoes, pants, tops, skirts, dress, and definitely enough purses. So please step away from online shopping and let me catch a little break.

Cordially (and seriously) yours,
Bank Account

I hope this letter works if not I’m gonna be in deeeeeeeeeeep doo-doo soon.
Have a great one girls!

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  1. Ok this cracked me up for many reasons.
    1. my bank account often write's me similar memos.
    2. I love look at me now... I know the whole busta rhymes rap... no lie.
    3. thanks for sweet blog comment. I also love the wine and candles when stressed!

    xoxo you are precious my dear.


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