March 31, 2014

What Do You Do With a Sicky Husband

Early in the weeeeeekeeeeend!?!?

But for real, what do you do with a sick husband since Wednesday?


….heat up a lot of water for a lot of tea….

….do a lot of laundry, since he can't….

….sleep in separate beds to avoid the germs….

….miss your cuddle buddy….

….spray everything with disinfectant spray….

….watch your love pass out for a nap every four hours….

….offer to go to the store 2348320483 times….

….take a nap too….

….put your husband to bed at 930pm on a Friday night….

….enjoy the early bedtime….

….spray everything with disinfectant spray….

….start spring cleaning on Saturday….

….stop spring cleaning Saturday afternoon
because Le Husband passed out on the couch….

….catch up on the Good Wife while he's sleeping….

….can not BELIEVE what the Good Wife did….

….spray everything with disinfectant spray….

….watch She's All That...

….offer to make dinner each night….

….make Le Husband drink a green juice….

….laugh at his face while drinking said green juice….

….air kiss….

….spray everything with disinfectant spray….

….spend more time in the living room than normal….

….watch the random snow storm, again….

….enjoy a weekend of nothing after recent crazy ones….

….hope he gets better soon….

How was your weekend?!?!


  1. Awww! Poor guy:( Hope your sweet husband feels better soon. I'm sure he is so thankful to have such an attentive 'nurse'!

  2. Haha spray everything with disinfectant spray.

  3. Ugh being sick and having a sick lovahhhh is the worst!
    Glad you're spraying the disinfectant spray! Don't get yourself sick!! Hoping he feels better soon!

  4. Aw, sorry he's sick but it sounds like you were the perfect caretaker and that you still kind of got to have a weekend too! Hope he gets better soon (or you'll have to go to the store again for more disinfectant spray!)

  5. Sick husbands are the worst! Mr. Big Truck came down with a few different things this winter and it's not been fun! As of late he just recently had a small procedure done and he is healing from that. No bueno!

  6. Yikes - sickly husbands are not fun at all - especially on the weekends!! Sounds like he had a great nurse though! I pretty much go in to mom mode and make him do all the crazy things my mom made me do when I was sick as a kid!!

  7. Being sick is the worst!! Sounds like you handled everything well though! Way to go wifey!

  8. air kiss? HA HA! You are so stinking cute!
    Eric has had more than his fair share of sickness in the last two months (flu, strep and pink eye, UGH!) and It's been miserable to have no life, not even with each other!
    Then he finally experienced having to do everything for me when I got food poisoning (or something as equally awful) Saturday night, when we were in CO. SO MISERABLE!
    Hope your hubs is feeling better!!

  9. It's never fun with your man is sick but sounds like you did a good job taking care of him :)

  10. Hope your hubby gets better, soon! Being sick sucks, as are snow storms in March! Will you hate me if I say the girls and I had our first picnic at the playground and I got a little sun burn??

  11. I hope he's all better! I hate when Will is sick :(


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