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April 1, 2014

Bad People Tick Me Off

I mean, really really makes me mad.

LC side eye angry!

Where is this coming from you ask?

Well, last week, while Le Husband was sick mind you, I was greeted by a letter from our landlord posted in the hallway. This isn't out of the norm, as this is the way he communicates with our complex. Usually it's regarding an upping in price, cleaning of furnaces etc.

Imagine my surprise when I read the words "It has come to my attention someone has allegedly broken into the storage units...things may be the police if you are missing anything". 


Obviously, I rushed down to the basement and lo and behold both Le Husband's and my storage unit had  the locks broken off and the doors wide open. 


A quick glance in my unit assured me nothing of value, if anything was taken. My golf clubs were still there and everything appeared to be as I left it earlier in the week. A quick prayer of thanks was said. 

When I alerted Le Husband, we both walked downstairs and unfortunately he wasn't as lucky. The crook too his dryer sheets [weirdo] and about $100 worth of his tools from his toolbox. Thankfully, most of his important work stuff, and tools, were in the back of his car.

Sadly, the a-hole also took Le Husband's bike. 

His super nice bike. 

That he loves.

And had mega locked up too.

Want to hear the craziest part?

This happened to him last year! YES! HIM and him alone.

It is quite clear he was targeted and I was possible collateral damage. The rude, robber SOB must have needed a quick fix for his drug or gambling habit so he did a basic smash grab. So, obviously it was an inside job.
[I should mention you have to have a key to get to the storage area. It's the same key that lets you into all the main doors of our complex.]

It is so infuriating and very unsettling. I've never felt unsafe where I live, but this does shatter the 'perfect lil apartment bubble'. I'm angry at the jerk who did this and I'm angry that the landlord didn't do more when it first happened. I know he can't go around accusing people, but we should have been given deadbolts instead of locks. 

I am grateful that it was just stuff and that it wasn't an actual apartment. That would have been very scary. And thankfully, no one was down there to possibly be hurt when the person was robbing us.

So yeah, bad people suck and I'm so angry at this person's lack of respect and kindness to others.
I don't get bad people at all. I just hope karma gets him in the end. 


Yesterday was another sad day. 

Mama B took our beloved lil Buddy to the vet and he is now running around in doggie heaven with his Mom, Muffin, and our grandmother, Mo. 

He was a sweet, sweet lil dog and will be so missed in our household. 

We love you, sweet Buddy! < 3


  1. Ugh that is TERRIBLE! The same thing happened to MG last year--inside job, someone had to have had a key to get in and KNOW where the bikes were. And only took his--that was also locked up. It really stinks when people decide that their needs are above someone else's things and hard work. I'm really sorry!
    Also, again, I'm sorry about your mom's's always hard losing an animal. My thoughts and prayers are with her!!

  2. Oh, no!

    I am so sorry to hear that! Nothing is worse than feeling violated in your own home. You are looking at it right though... at least you were not down there/the robber was not in your apartment. Why are people such jerks?? Especially when, like you said, you know it is someone within the apartment community.

    Were there cameras in the storage area?

    So sad to hear about your Mama's puppy too. :(

  3. I'm sorry to hear about your dog. Bad people really do suck, having your stuff stolen is such a crappy feeling.

  4. That is unreal! Do you guys have renters insurance? I can't believe that is the way your landlord let you guys know - you should feel safe in your homes/for your belongings to not get stolen. He really needs to change the key to get into the storage area - but clearly he is not thinking!! So sorry to hear about your doggie...

  5. sorry to hear about your sweet doggie...

    and sorry to hear about your hubby's stuff getting stolen. that just plain sucks. hopefully you can file a police report or maybe have renters insurance that will cover the cost of the stolen items!

  6. Aww I am so sorry about y'all getting broken in to! There really are too many bad people out there!!

  7. feel sorry to hear the incident from you. Hope you alright now.
    would you like to follow each other to keep in touch?
    Please, let me know! ;)
    Follow me and I will follow you back for certain
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  8. Aww, something good will come your way soon. I was hoping this post was an April Fools. :( Thinking of you

  9. Oh, sweet girl. I am so sorry to hear about both the robbery and about your sweet family pup. Bad people really do suck (you and Jenn both had some experience with bad people over the last few days). But it really sucks when these bad people leave you feeling unsafe and violated in your home - the place where you should feel the safest. I really hope your landlord is a bit more proactive about letting people know when there are security issues. And I REALLY hope that nothing like this happens again. Your poor hubby:(

  10. Sometimes people are just so rude and selfish! How annoying that his bike was stolen again!! So infuriating.

    And so sorry about Buddy :(

  11. Oh gosh what terrible things to happen! I am so sorry about your puppy loss! So sad. And the whole robbery yeah jerkface! Glad no one got hurt though.

  12. I hope you had insurance on the stuff! Hugs to mama B, and RIP litle Bud!

  13. That really sucks! I hate how people have no appreciation for the fact it is other people's stuff.

    I manage a self-storage complex. Buy a disc lock, they are more expensive but can NOT be cut with a bolt cutter. One has to use a grinder.

    Sorry about your doggy :(


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