April 17, 2014

Five Four Three Two One

Sometimes, when I'm feeling low on creativity, I'll troll my drafts.

Looking for random posts I started, but never finished.

I'll randomly find posts that make no sense, that are just rants
or actually have a point but were never quite complete. 

Today I'm sharing one that's been in drafts for awhile. 

Regrettably I can't remember where I found the prompt
[apologies], so understand I am NOT taking credit
for the idea behind this post. 

I hope you enjoy some random nuggets.  

And Carlton.

Five things I'm looking forward to.
1] Kickball tournament in Austin, Texas. I can't wait to play in our first tournament as OSC, visit a new city and have a blasty with my sissys and Le Husband.
2] Seeing my BOFF in Austin. Twice in one month, pinch me please. #noreallydon't.
3] SUMMER!!! [bringtheheatandgoodbyeallergies]
4] Family Vacation
5] Finding a new place to live.

Four things you  might not know about me.
1] I was a tour guide at my college and I LOVED IT.
2] I've never seen the movies The Patriot, The Godfather or The Matrix
3] I wanted to be a marine biologist until high school.
4] Even though I love pink, I am NOT a fan of pink sports paraphanalia. Gimme a jersey in the team's colors, not a pink one please. The only time I enjoy pink sports is when it's for a cause. Otherwise, EWW!

Three shows enjoy watching.
1] Downton Abbey
3] Elementary

Two things that frustrate me.
1] Allergies. #canigetawitness
2] Getting older, #boocard

One of my favorite words:
1] Fetch. Yes, I know it's not a real word, but I love it and I say it often. It's totally going to happen, no matter what Regina George thinks.


  1. Fetch has so happened!I have seen the matrix but not the other two. fab post! when i draft something that i got from someone else, i include the actual link in my draft (later to be turned into a link / deleted) cause I know I'll forget :)

  2. I think I need to buckle in and join a kickball team this summer!

  3. Well I think you are so fetch and it will be so fetch to see you in the ATX is one a half weeks... yeah its so fetch! xoxo

  4. I completely agree about women's sportswear in pink. I remember a few years ago, I would have to purchase men's clothing just because I really dislike pink on team apparel. Glad I am not the only one!

    HAHA!! I have not heard Fetch in forever. Love it!

  5. I'm so suffering from allergies and it's just not fun at all!! I can totally see you as a spunky tour guide!!

  6. I have never watched any of those movies either! And I totally hate allergies and getting older. My allergies are insane now that I love in Georgia! I
    Austin is at the top if my list for places I want to travel! This was a great post idea!

  7. but for reals. GO AWAY ALLERGIES! i hate you

  8. OMG! I am SO WITH YOU on the pink sports gear. The only people that can get away with that are babies. And even then - they can wear the team colors!!!

  9. How fun, you like Downton Abbey, too! I have just finished season two (I know, I'm late) and wait to get season three from a friend after our vacation!

  10. Loooove this idea! And of course I loved getting to know you better :)
    I STILL wish all the time that Netflix would get NCIS on streaming!
    Soooo lucky you get to see your blog bestie TWICE in a month! I get to see mine about twice a year (but we might make 3 times happen this year... crossing my fingers!!)

  11. I've never seen the Godfather either. And I am not happy about getting older either. Love this!

  12. I feel you on the allergies! And I haven't seen any of those 3 movies either.. I haven't really seen any movies. My husband loves to make fun of me for it! Love that you're still using "fetch".. we need a Mean Girls reunion!


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