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April 23, 2014

I got a {blog} CRUSH on Youuuuuuuuu

Blogging is so awesome.

People who don't blog, don't get it and that's fine with me.

I love blogging, reading blogs and all the joys that come with the Internetz.

What I love the most is the friendships. 

The connections, the support and the fun that blogging has
brought into my life is incredible.

I'm so grateful for all the fabulous friendships/connections
I've made so far, and look forward to the ones
yet to be made.

Finding new blogs via my usual blog reads always makes me smile,
so I thought I'd introduce you to my newest group
of blog crushes.


NEW BLOG LOVER!!! Seriously, it's insane. Jessie is 'totes adorbs' and so much fun. The first time we commented on each others blog led to about 203483084 bazillion emails. We've been able to connect on our fitness journey, our inability to NOT take a nap on Friday night's before events and the love of healthy but DELICIOUS tasting food. She's helping me keep accountable when I get frustrated about my body and keeps me laughing too. I'm so glad we are now friends and can't wait till we 'meet' one day!

B ~ Loved Boston
Bianca's blog has become one of my new favorites. Shes funny, smart and has great fashion sense. I really enjoy her fashion posts and the links she posts with them. My wallet on the other hand, not so much haha. As long as the two of us don't talk sports [since I'm a die hard caps fan] I foresee a great blog friendship in the making.

Hope in a Blog
Hope is the sweetest girl in blog land and I love reading her blog. She's such a peach and her blog is so much fun to read. I love how optimistic and happy she is and how she views life. Even though she struggles with Crohn's disease so never seems to complain about her trial in life. She's not shy about posting her love for our Savoir and even though she's newish to the blog world she's got it down pat. Girlfriend is becoming a MRS. in a month and it's been so fun watching her plan her wedding. The glimpses she's given us of her big day are gorgeous and I LOVE her style. Can't wait for her big day!

Meet @ the Barre
Home girl is sassy, funny and pretty much the gif queen. Her post contain some of the best gifs ever. She might be the girl that actually gets me to try Pure Barre, but we will have to see ;)! I'm constantly jealous about her location, Florida, as she posts many an awesome picture of warm weather and sunshine. Amanda is also a bride to be and again, I'm enjoying watching her plan her special day. She's started a new Friday linkup that I'm jazzed about joining and you should too!

babbling brookelyn
Home girl is! Not only is she HILARIOUS she is also a bad mama jamma athlete. #dapdaprespect. She has some amazingly tough fitness posts and woof are they hard. But, you definitely feel awesome after doing the workouts, so do yourself a favor and check them out. Her posts make me laugh, because she's hysterical and her gif selection is pretty darn amazing.

Who are some of your new blog crushes?

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  1. <3<3<3<3 If you Reallllllly had a crush you'd join us on instagram and snapchat to see our pretty faces more often.

    This was so cute and I can't wait to meet you either! Haha I don't know if I've ever been called 'totes adorbs' so thanks for that.

    All of your ladies are amazing - I just love this blog world!

  2. I love all your picks! Love these girls too! :)

  3. love all of these blogs as well!

  4. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM this just totally made my morning - you are so so so sweet and I'm so happy to have found your blog through this crazy blogging world!! Sorry I'm causing such havoc on your wallet haha!!

  5. I agree with you on ALL of these ladies!! :) Blogging friends are simply the best!!

  6. Love every single one of these ladies! And YES to blogging friendships that outside people just don't/can't understand!

  7. I have a total blog crush on Amanda too! Love her! I need to check out Jessie!

  8. Awwwwww girl seriously you have no idea how much that just made my morning!!! I am definitely in good company because I love the other gals you choose as well!! I totally agree my IRL friends just don't get it! Mark is always asking me who I'm talking to "it's my blog friends you don't know them" ;-) I love the connections I've made as well! Email banter is the best during the day right? Thanks so much for the shout out I really appreciate it! I'll keep the gifs and beautiful weather pics coming! xoxoxo

  9. whoooop whooooop!!!!! haller for blogging and crushes :) love this so much

  10. OMG!! Me on YOUR blog! LOVE it. Thank you, thank you sweet friend!!!! You have made me smile so big today!!! Xxxxx.

  11. AWWW YAYYYY for my sissy! This makes me so happy! Love what you said. SO TRUE!!! xx

  12. I can't wait to check out some of these ladies' blogs!


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