April 4, 2014

Nailedddd it

Oh hey Friday, so nice to see you.

I'm super ready for the weekend, are y'all?

****Before I get started, I have to send big ol THANK YOU
to all you lovely ladies for your kind comments yesterday.
Y'all are sweet as sugar and twice as nice, so thank you!****

So I have a confession to make.


Like, love, love LOVE IT!

And I'm always trying to change the look up
to be different or unique,
because I just think it's fun.

So, today I thought I'd share some of fun
color combinations I've been rocking recently.

Let me know what you think!


St. Patrick's day look. 
Green with a yellow
I'm going to Florida for fun in the sun look.
Yellow with hot pink
Surprise pop of color look
Champagne with hot pink

Winter look with a pop of pink.
Deep purple with light pink
Valentine's day look 
Deep red with hot pink ring finger. 
What are your favorite nail colors/combinations?

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  1. I love how no matter what you always have one nail pink!

  2. Happy Friday, dear! Maybe someday I'll get my life together and regularly paint my nails?

  3. I love the accent nail on the pinky!!! Why haven't I done that? Well I'm going to now!

  4. Oh i love it all, except I bite mu nail or pick them or peel them so unless I have some fakes on, they look horrid!

  5. Love that you change up the accent name to be on the pinkie!!! If I don't have gel on my nails - i pretty much change my nail polish 2-3 times a week...so not normal lol!

  6. I wish so much I could keep nail polish on my fingers!! They look so cute coordinated with holidays and everything! :)

  7. I like soft pink with glitter gold--looks so fun!

  8. confession: i paint my nails like 3 times a year. such a struggle.

  9. Love nail polish! Love bright on my toes for summer and nudes on my nails! Xx.

  10. ^^^Totally agree with Hope above - I'm a bright toes/nude nails kind of gal. Although, I have to say, I am SO excited that spring is finally here, I may just paint my fingernails a bright neon to celebrate!:) Loving your signature pink nail. So cute! I think a pale aqua with one pink nail would be a pretty combo for spring:)

  11. Oh my gosh I'm obsessssed with nail polish too. The hubs even knows it! Love those color combos! I like doing ombre mixes the best!

  12. Beautiful Nail! Juuuust one =)

  13. i love the accent nail you are doing love love

  14. Looooove your cute nails! I love having my fingernails polished but I hate how quickly the chip. And I'm far too lazy to paint my fingernails every 2 days (because that's how quickly mine chip) so I started doing shellac a few months ago and I'm a HUGE fan!

  15. pretty nails! i went on a nail kick a few weeks ago, and then fell off the proverbial wagon. gotta get back on it, i reckon it makes a woman look much more polished!

  16. I love your "Florida" look! Right now I'm wearing mauve polish with blue glitter on top. :P


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