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April 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday {TBW Style}

Wow it's APRIL!


It's BIRTHDAY MONTH and hopefully
the first month of WARMTH!

This time, last year, I spent my Saturday
prancing around DC for my engagement pictures
with Le Husband.

We opted NOT to pay for profession engagement pictures,
but rather chose to repurpose that money elsewhere.

Since we created our own Save the Date, it didn't seem
necessary to pay for a session when we would only use one picture
since we had another one picked out.

If I didn't have such a talented BabySpice, I'm not sure
exactly what we would have done for pictures.
Let's just say I'm incredibly grateful for a picture taking sissy-boo. 

Babyspice, her friend, Sportyspice, Le Husband and I
drove into DC on a sunny afternoon and just went with the backdrop
and weather that we had.

I think we were able to capture some amazing pictures. 
photo credit BabySpice

My hands down favorite 
Don't drop me in the water!
WINNER WINNER for the Save the DATE
Our attempt at the 'love stare' aka FAIL!
Check the lil kid in the background
2nd favorite
< 3 this man!
And a few out takes of course:

SO MUCH WORK right?!?!
All photo credit goes to Babyspice [thanks sissy!]

Funny that I wore our wedding colors, without meaning to
and even funnier that my outfit is NOT one of
Le Husband's favorites….at all ;)!

Crazy that this was a year ago.

WOW! Just WOW!

Wedding Wednesday
NC Belle in Boots


  1. Gosh this was a year ago already?!?! Where does time go?!?!

  2. Time flies!!!
    Love these, especially the one of you two hanging on the tree--super cute!

  3. So freain' cute in those photos! Is man-friend feeling better?

  4. So cute!!

    Time is flying by! Crazy that it was only a year ago these were taken! How fun!

  5. Your pictures turned out super cute and that's all that matters! Even yesterday, the photographers were saying that my brother perked up when I took his pictures because it's less stress, so y'all probably did better with your sisters and having fun!

  6. Those are precious & your outfit is great! I've been debating on professional engagement photos, the fiance is ALL for them which is super cute, but as you said, you can put that money somewhere else.

  7. Time flies!!! Cute cute cute- love it! (happy bday month!)

  8. awwww that's so sweet! Looks like a blast, too!

  9. LOVE those pink pants girlie!

  10. The pic that you guys used for the Save the date totally looks like a pro shot!

  11. These are so cute! I love your outfit- where are the bright pink pants from?! I need them in my life!

  12. I love looking at engagement pictures! (Sappy, hopeless romantic here!) It looks like you two had a lot of fun.

  13. Loving the outtakes. So funny!:) You guys are just too cute - it's plain to see that you love each other and can have fun together. It's a great combo!:)

  14. Fav outtake = pull-up fail! I love how we creatively camouflaged the scaffolding on the Washington monument, it's almost gone now! Also, thanks for the credit, as always!


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