November 7, 2016

Call 9-1-1 and Other First Week Fun

Yes, nine-one-one my first week. The day I was the only manager on site, too. Good sign, bad sign, who knows sign, but it's over and I survived, phew.  #thankgoodnessitsover #talkaboutalearningcurve

The first week of management brought man things. It brought:

... early mornings waking up while it was still dark outside. 

... driving and witnessing the most beautiful sunrises. 

... helter skelter mornings as I tried to get as much done the first two hours of work before I had to be at the front desk for five hours. Luckily the gym is slower than others so I'm able to get a lot of paperwork done online.

... two days of barely eating because my body was still hurting from the previous week. 

... lots and lots of apple juice and water.

... multiple trips to the store for um...digestive aids. 

... two workouts at the gym during my lunch break.

... a whole cooler reset.

... fun moments of learning my staff. 

... moments of apprehension as I tried to understand each person's personality.

... a nine one one call when someone stole an employees car from out front of the gym. 

... my first incident report. 

... my overnight guy putting in his two weeks. Manager Pinky was able to wrangle three weeks, phew!

... not a lot of sleep but a lot of moments of accomplishment crossing off to dos.

All in all it wasn't horrible. Honestly, if I hadn't felt so crummy all week due to my gallbladder situation I would say it was a great first week. However, being in pain Monday and Tuesday made it tough to really concentrate on anything else, but I was able to hide the situation from everyone so I call that a win. By Friday it had all but subsided and thankfully I'm now back to normal. 

Speaking of back to normal, the weekend brought  me back to my Pinkyself and I was actually able to get out of the house and do things instead of just lay on the couch. It was a full weekend indeed.

Full of...

... tuck jump workouts and mirror work. Gotta keep the ups for BODYATTACK.

... beautiful sunsets that bring me peace each and every evening. 

... a wonderfully supportive card from my two beautiful sissys. #missewe

... another trip to the Vol Navy on Saturday for some Tennessee football with T-Bone.

... real clothes and my favorite jacket. 

... a special, special Starbucks treat I haven't enjoyed in a really long time.

All in all, a fun weekend...until I had to go shopping for black pants. My gym uniform is a black polo and black pants. The hiking pants I've been wearing are great for comfort, but not so great for the cooler weather coming our way. So, I headed to the local Old Navy for some inexpensive black jeans or khakis. RANT ALERT: CAN THE SKINNY JEAN FAD BE OVER SOON?!?! No one has boot cut anymore and NO ONE HAS jeans for short people either. I'm gonna check online, but I was sooooo annoyed after 45 minutes of trying on pants that didn't fit. RANT OVER!

I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed your extra hour of sleep. Not the biggest fan of the early dark evenings now, but the extra hour was such a nice bonus yesterday. Cheers to a great week for everyone, let's make it happen :)!


  1. Oh man sounds like you had a little bit of everything in your first week - here's hoping the second is a bit less eventful! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So it was an easy week then? Hehe I am SO just kidding. Girl, I would have had a meltdown, so the way you handled everything shows you are right where you need to be!! Glad you were able to feel a little more like yourself over the weekend!

  3. Oh yikes! Your first week sounds crazy but glad you made it through! And I feel you on the pants thing, I have the worst problem finding pants!<3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. what a crazy first week! but hey it's always easier from there :) pants are tough girl - i get that. i have hips and a booty and well, it's tough!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Oh that was one crazy first week. Hope it gets better as time goes on. Where do I even began about jeans? It so hard to find a good pair that fits well. Keep on looking, eventually you will find them. I wish I had a suggestion but right now I too am looking for a new pair and haven't found any I like.

  6. Oh man... a car stolen? I just dont get people that think its ok to just take something that isn't theirs - much less a freaking CAR!!!!

    Was hoping your gall bladder was easing up on you!

  7. LOVING that jacket! And wow you had quite the week, here's to this week going much smoother and you feeling better *hugs* <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. Dang girl you are looking fantastic!!!!! Also, that jacket is adorable ;-)

  9. Yikes, so much going on your first week! I would suggest trying Ann Taylor Loft, curvy fit, those work for me, I have the same issue as you. Or I like the Wit and Wisdom jeans from Nordstorm, they have a good fit too :) Good luck!

  10. Wow what a first week!!! I need to get some shopping done, my body has changed so much.

  11. Agreed that the extra hour of sleep is kinda nice, but not the whole getting dark early thing. Yikes about that 9-1-1 incident, glad you handled it, but that's tough for anyone's first week! Glad to hear that you're also feeling better!!

  12. lol no i hate boot cut! please keep the skinny pants around! haha jk. i do wear boot cut pants for work (but not *too* boot cut, more like 'slim' vs skinny) and they are from express. my fave.
    so sorry about someone stealing the employee's car and gosh, you poor thing being so sick.
    that jacket was made for you!

  13. I am so with you on the boot cut jeans. The need to make a comeback. I'm glad you survived an eventful first week!

  14. What a crazy first week! I can't believe someone stole someone's car from in front of the gym, but I'm glad no one was hurt! I feel your pain/struggle on the pants- this summer I was in desperate need of shorts and ended up having to go two sizes up for the legs, which is fine, but then the giant gap is not good! I can't remember how tall you are, but I have the best luck with LOFT petite pants-- they aren't the best quality, but if you can catch a sale you might have some luck?

  15. Hope you're feeling better, sweet girl!! What a week you had. I love your pink coat!! That's the best way to beat the blues.... and I HATE shopping for pants more than anything in the world.


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