November 23, 2016


I'm coming home, coming home. Tell DC, I'm coming home.

YES! I am flying home tonight for Thanksgiving and I could not be more excited or thankful. I'm so thankful I'm posting with centered text, what the what?!

Le Husband and I split the holidays, one year we travel to my family for Thanksgiving and his for Christmas and the next year we switch. I am grateful beyond belief this year is a Thanksgiving year because I get to be home a few extra days. 

I'm grateful my job agreed to hire me when I told them I HAD to be home for Thanksgiving.

I'm grateful I have all the shifts covered and if someone doesn't show up, oh well. 

Why so grateful? Well, you know my family is super close, but it's not just that this is a holiday. 

No, this is the last holiday together before Sportyspice moves away to Arizona.

In January.



I KNOW! Don't make me cry yet. 

This has been under wraps because she hasn't told her students yet, but today she will. So today I feel I can spread the news and share the excitement and sadness. Because I am truly excited for her and her husband as they start this new chapter with his job [airforce]. I am excited for them to finally be together after almost four months apart the week after their wedding {sad i know}. I am just excited for their new journey.

But I'm also devastatedly sad. I'm sad one part of my heart will be so far away. Sad that we will be a plane ride apart, not just a car ride. I'm sad because we are a circle of three and soon we will all be in different states for the first time ever. EVER!

Yes, I know we are blessed to be so close for so long. Yes, I know we are lucky to have such a great relationship. Yes, I know this is life and what happens. Yes, I know it was going to happen someday. But that doesn't me I'm ready for it to be today. 

And right now it is not. Today is just a plane ride [or two] till home. To my sanctuary, to my circle, to my heart. To four wonderful days of family and memories and love. To food and traditions and tears and smiles. To celebration of us and moments of mourning the old. 

To recap, I'm grateful. Grateful my job hired me when I said this was a deal breaker. Grateful to the people who have stepped up at work to help. Grateful to technology and planes that get me home quickly. Grateful for time together before a big change. SO grateful for sisters who are my best friends and who make it so hard to miss them. 

Wishing you and yours the best holiday!


  1. YAY! Have the most amazing time back home and with your family this weekend girl, you deserve it! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. So much to be thankful for! Have an amazing time with the family this weekend <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Enjoy your time with your family! You have so much to be thankful for!

  4. Aww it's so tough being so far away from your sisters especially when y'all are this close! After moving away I totally understand you now and it hurts so much! There are times I just want my sister because she gets my weird antics and although she pretends to judge, she doesn't! Have such a fabulous Thanksgiving, enjoy every minute!!!

  5. Parting ways with those we love is never easy, is it? I so hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving with your family! <3

  6. I hope you are enjoying your time at home. The move is so great for your husband and her husband, but man that would be tough as a sister!!! I hope you guys can still see each other regularly!

  7. I hope that your time home with your family was amazing!

  8. I hope You had an amazing visit!!


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