November 30, 2016

Well That Was Thanksgiving {Family Fun at it's Finest}

Hi, friends and a happy belated Thanksgiving to y'all. Hopefully everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend and enjoyed a few days off of work. I was beyond grateful, thankful and joyful to have three days at home after being gone for so long. 

After the longest slowest day at work on Wednesday I got a quick workout in then headed for the airport. My first flight was awesome for space, but was uber bumpy so no bueno. Thankfully my movies kept me sane on the second flight. 

Le Husband greeted me with dinner from our favorite Arlington restaurant and it was a delightful midnight snack. There were quick hellos at home and then it was time to pass out and get some sleep before Thanksgiving Thursday.

We were up bright and early, mostly because Sportyspice arrived at 8am [wth] but it was nice to get some chill morning time with her. After lots of coffee, some food prep it was time to create a Thanksgiving morning cocktail and we thew together cranberry juice, lime, pomegranate juice, orange juice, sugared cranberries and of course, champs. It was delicious and fabulous to sip on all morning while watching the parade and relaxing while food cooked.

Before eating we all cleaned up and changed into some festive holiday gear for dinner. We also took some fun family pictures and one amazingly fabulous boomerang you can see on my instagram.

Then, it was chow time. And chow I did. Two plates of food, two desserts ANNNNND a bowl of thirds after we watched the Cowboys wreck the Deadskins. I didn't get my annual nap, because I was too busy just soaking in my moments of the holiday. It was a delightful Thanksgiving and one I'll treasure for a long time.

Friday morning we woke up, chilled out for a bit then Le Husband and I head to our storage unit to rescue my winter clothes and take stock in everything up in Virginia. WOW, I forgot we had so much stuff. I was able to find most of my winter gear, but a lot of my fancy clothes were stored in the back corner pink bin so it was left up north. 

When we got back home it was time for leftovers lunch and some GG! We split up the episodes three on Friday and then one on Saturday. Winter was probably my favorite because it was such a fun look into an old pastime.

Friday was a wonderful chill day and so Saturday we were up and at em for Saturday morning fitness as sissys. We attend a Kaxae class and it was so much fun. Just another fun memory for the bank, plus I finally burned some calories, haha. 

We all hurried home to clean up because the ladies had a matinee performance of the Nutcracker at the Kennedy Center. It was a wonderful ballet and a great kick off to the Christmas season. Does anyone else yearly attend the ballet?

Le Husband and Daddy were home watching the OSU vs Michigan game {WAY TO GO BUCKS} and afterwards we all headed out for one last family dinner. It was a nice change from all the Thanksgiving leftovers [not that I will ever tire of leftovers from Thanksgiving]. More drinks were poured, the last episode of GG watched [wth last four words] and then, the tears came. Oh my, were there tears flowing from my eyes. 

Everything hit me all at once...Sprortyspice moving next month, the stress I went through to get home for Thanksgiving, then very slim possibility of me being able to get home again soon, the changes everyone is faces and the feeling of HOME I miss so much. We sissys had a MOMENT and then laughed everything back together to get me smiling again. 

Sunday morning came all too quickly and suddenly we were on the road back to Tennessee. I originally planned to fly home, but changed my ticket to drive home with Le Husband after his plans changed. I almost regretted my decision an hour in because of traffic but luckily it eased up quickly. The rest of the drive was uneventful and Le Husband and I had a fun dinner out before we arrived home. Then it was a quick turn around and change for the week. Monday was bananas, of course, and so was Tuesday. I'm grateful for the chance to sleep in a lil today, woohoo.

Can't wait to catch up on all of your fun festivities! xoxo


  1. So glad you were able to make it home for the holidays!! Sounds like you guys had the best time!

  2. Last year my friends and I bought tickets to The Nut Cracker Ballet for us and our daughters (mom/daughter day at the ballet) at the National Ballet of Canada and while we, the moms, were *blown away*, the girls were all "meh". WHAT? so this year, I'm going to hold off on the ballet; maybe I'll wait until Kayla is a bit older to appreciate it more (because those tickets are expensive!!)

  3. I'm so glad you were able to be with family! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I love all of the photos.

  4. You all looks so pretty. I want to see the Nutcracker but no one wants to do the ballet with me. Sigh.
    I loved your fantastic IG boomerang over the holidays ;)

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday weekend! Glad you got some much needed sissy time!

  6. So so so happy you got to spend the holiday weekend with your family, love all the pics of you and your sisters. Sorry you had a bumpy first flight, but yay for movies <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. What a wonderful few days with all your people :) I'm so glad you got to be home with everyone and enjoy all the food, fun and laughs (and tears, understandably!)

  8. Yes yes yes to annual Nutcracker trips! SO jealous you got to see Washington Ballet's!

    This post just made me SO excited to go home for Christmas and spend every waking second with family. Glad you were able to get to your family for Thanksgiving!

  9. I'm glad you got to spend the holidays with your family! It sounds like y'all had an amazing time together as always.

  10. So glad you were able to fly home and enjoy Thanksgiving with your family! Sounds like you soaked in all the memories and leftovers, yum! How fun that you ladies go to the ballet to watch the nutcracker yearly, I want to start doing that..maybe next year :)!


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