May 19, 2017

Friday Letters

Many, many blog years ago, there was a fun link up called "Friday Letters". It was one of my favorites and something I'm thinking about bringing back. Would anyone like to join for a Friday Letter linkup?

Dear Friday: Thank you for getting here, I'm so excited to see your face. Dear airplane: Please be nice to me this weekend. Dear body: I'm counting on you to perform, we're two weeks out from surgery, step up the game. Dear kickball family: Excited to see everyone. Dear kickball team: Let's win this one, aye? Dear Le Husband: I've missed you this week. Cheers to a weekend away together playing kickball. Dear warm weather: I'm so glad we are in the warmer months of the year. WELCOME, heat! Dear beautiful blog friends: Thank you for reading and still being here. Y'all are so sweet and your comments on Wednesday's post mean more than you know. Have a wonderful weekend! xx 


  1. I'm so glad warm weather is here!!

  2. it was hot AF yesterday that i had to turn on the ac because it was 28C up in we're back to 10C because canada.

  3. Dear Planes, Pains, and Kickball games,

  4. Have fun! Hope everything works out well like you want!

  5. Have a great weekend!!!! :) Hope your trip is amazing. Safe travels.

  6. So admire you for bouncing back from surgery and going right into a kickball game! Wishing you a happy weekend and bringing home a win!

  7. Love this post idea (and that pretty typewriter, haha). I'm always late on commenting, so congrats on your kickball tournament-- it looked like you guys had such an amazing time!


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