February 9, 2018

Weekly Wins { The Much Needed Small and BIG WINS }


Oh y'all. It has been a week. A sick week. A week of feeling like crap and not being able to do anything to make money. A week of people not stepping up to help as expected. A week of plans laid out and nothing going right. A week of expectations not being met. A week of possibles turned into nada. A week were finding the wins is what I need the most.

+++ When I was legit down for the count on Monday and Tuesday I had some incredible instructor friends come to my aid and sub my classes at the last minute. Support like that is the best thing.

+++ My tribe friends down here checked in on me constantly since Le Husband was out of town.

+++ Le Husband was out of town for most of this week, which was actually a blessing since our place is small and me sick when he's working from home isn't the best scenario. He made me dinner Thursday night too.

+++ Having AmazonPrime to stream Downton Abbey while sick made it more bearable.

And now the biiiiiigggggggggggg win of the week....

Y'all, I am so unbelievably excited and thrilled and honored. Lots to work on until auditions in early March, but this is something I worked really, really, really hard for so now I'm basking in the woohoo. Another big win, both friends who I auditioned with made it too, yay!

Wishing you a fabulous and HEALTHY WEEKEND!


  1. Yayy congratulations on the auditions!! What great news to end an otherwise difficult week. I hope you're starting to feel better!!

  2. I hope that you're feeling better! Congrats on the invitation to the auditions!!

  3. I need to know more about said invitations. K? Thanks! Congratulations! Love your guts! Glad you’re feeling better!

  4. CONGRATS girl on the invitation!!! So glad you're feeling better, and yay for amazing co-workers who stepped up to cover for you. Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. congrats on the invitation!!! make sure you keep us updated.

    hope you feel better !

  6. Congrats on the auditions! What exactly does that mean?? i'm glad you have such great friends to take care of you while Le Husband is away! That's a huge blessing!

  7. Woohoo this one calls for celebrations..CHEERS you talented girl, Cheers!

  8. Congrats on the auctions!!! :) I'm so glad you have had such an awesome tribe of friends checking in on you. That's the best!

  9. Congratulations on the audition invitation. I'm sorry you were sick. I hope next week is better!

  10. I don't know too much about the fitness industry. What does it mean to audition for a program like that? Congrats though! Because whatever it is, it sounds big and exciting. Good luck.


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