February 2, 2018

Weekly Wins {The One With Birthdays and Trips}

Happy Friday, kids. I'm back with some wins and also bringing you a quick [kind of] recap of our trip to New York City. We had such a great time, I'm honestly still smiling from it. But first, two wins.

>>> Wednesday was T-Bone's 92nd birthday, woohoo! He'd been feeling sick recently so we weren't sure if we'd have to wait for the weekend, but thankfully he started feeling better that morning. We celebrated with margarita's and prosecco and he really enjoyed his coupon book for 'work around the house' from us. It was all Le Husband's idea and it was hoot when T-Bone finally realized what he had in hand.

>>> Yesterday was Daddy's birthday and we tried to celebrate him as best we could from afar. The girls reached out to family to have tons of letters sent his way. He seemed touched which made it quite wonderful.
Wedding day pictures are my favorite. 

Those are the two big wins of the week, now on to our winning weekend in NYC. My Christmas present from Le Husband was a weekend in NYC, which in itself was awesome, but the main part of the present was a visit to an Athletic Movement Protocol facility. We flew out Thursday night and landed in DC for an evening layover. Which meant we met up with family and friends for dinner that night. It was so lovely seeing people and totally worth the late night before an early morning. 

Friday morning we were up bright and early for our quick flight into La Guardia. I must admit, the NYC skyline is quite fabulous, especially Miss Liberty. 

To save money we took the bus and the subway instead of an uber and it was actually quite fun. I grew up using the DC metro and NYC is soooo different, very well laid out though. Since it was still cold tourists were quite minimal so we had tons of space to move around. Le Husband travels so much for work now [three days up to two weeks at a time] he has racked up some pretty insane Marriott points so we stayed a Courtyard Marriott right in Times Square. We dropped off our bags and took of in search of lunch [more on that below] and sight seeing fun.

Both Le Husband and I wanted to see the World Trade Center memorial and on a whim we decided to take the One World Trade Center tour. Tickets weren't horrible and we both thought, why not. The elevator ride up was not my favorite but the view was spectacular. Saw lots of Instagram husbands doing their thing for a special photo. We just snapped the quick one below, ha.

Afterwards we spent time around the memorial. It's quite moving and very well done, definitely tear inducing.

 Someone Le Husband convinced me to walk the 30 (!) blocks back to our hotel before dinner. It was quite chilly and a few times I wanted to tap out and take the subway, but the people of NYC kept me pretty entertained. There was a quick stop to a bar for a whiskey and then it was time for dinner.

Saturday morning we headed to Penn Station to catch the LIRR out to Long Island. Mad props to people who do that often, woof. The whole trip was based around visiting Athletic Movement Protocol which a friend of Le Husband owns. He took us through an hour assessment, gave us an hour of treatment and then an hour of drills/workouts to implement on our own.

I learned a TON about my body, specifically I have an anterior [forward tilt] in my shoulders which causes my lats to be loaded constantly and keeps strain on my neck aka TENSION headaches. The treatments were DIVINE and the drills are savagely simple to keep up with so I'm excited for progress. If you're in the New York area needing functional/mobility you must check out this facility.

Lunch was quick and then it was back to the city. Our dinner on Saturday night was also Le Husband's birthday celebration and we found this fabulous French bistro a few blocks from the hotel. The evening was warmer so there were quite a few more people out, which was fun for people watching of course.

Sunday morning was for sleeping in and getting brunch before the trek back to the airport. Best part of Le Husband's travel is his Admiral's Club access, free food and quiet, wahoo. Soon we were up up and away in the clouds on our way back to DC.

Le Husband timed our layover long enough for us to do a quick trip to our favorite Arlington restaurant, Pollo Rico. Mom and dad picked us up, Babyspice met us there, we ate dinner, had birthday cake for Daddy and then went right back to the airport. It was the perfect ending to the perfect weekend.

Our eats: None of our food was planned, we just YELPed around the area with thoughts, so us.
Macaron and cappuccino after lunch 
Whiskey to keep the cold at bay.
Street corn at Mexque 
Pomegranate margarita 
Tuna ceviche, Lobster & duck tacos

 Our delicious French dinner was incredibly authentic and made me reminisce about our European trip.

There you go, our weekend recap. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, friends. Catch you back here on Monday!


  1. Happy belated to your daddy and TBone!! How cute. Woohoo, NYC memories in the books, looks wonderful! You are such a perfect mix of your cute mom and dad!! How fun!

  2. Happy birthday to TBone & your daddy! I'm glad y'all had such a great time in NYC & that you were able to see family! All of that food looks so good.

  3. That corn though.... But I am so glad you had a good trip and got to see the family! I know that was maybe the best part of your trip. Excited to hear all about the session in depth soon.

  4. What a fun trip! NYC is fun hopefully next time you come through you have longer to play and see things. The 9/11 memorial is gorgeous.

  5. What a busy and fun week! And it looks like your mom is doing better. So glad you were able to see your family!

  6. 2 BIG birthdays in the fam this week! And your trip to the city looked amazing, I still get chills after the visit to the world trade center memorial. So beautifully done <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. What special birthdays this week! I hope they both had wonderful days. :)

  8. Look at T Bone being as cute as ever! I like that coupon book idea, I am going to tell my dad to do that for my grandpa who is turning 94 in two weeks. I hope we both have their excellent genes! What a great trip to NYC nd so glad you got some family time in with the birthday boy!

  9. It looks like you had a great trip to New York and all the food you ate looks delicious!

  10. Yay for double birthday celebrations! Your trip looked amazing- New York is my favorite place to visit! So awesome you were able to visit the athletic place-- I can't imagine how helpful and informative that was for you!

  11. YAY for the amazing birthdays for two amazing men in your life!!! I loved all the cards - what a sweet idea!! Your trip to NYC sounds great! January is such a great time to navigate the city if you can handle the cold!! 30 blocks in January is intense! I feel like I need to visit that facility and fix my stupid hip pain, lol. Le Husband did a great job on that Christmas present!!

  12. Happy birthday to your sweet grandpa and dad! So fun you got to grab lunch with your parents and sis on your layover! Your trip to NYC sounds amazing! I just love that city and you got to see some of the best attractions. xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  13. Happy Birthday days all around! I love NYC! I grew up about and hour and half from there. It's a truly magical. Glad you got to see your family on a law over, and that food looks SUPER yummy!


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