February 16, 2018

Weekly Wins {Renovations Gone Mad, but Healthy}


+++ Biggest win of the week is I'm fully on the healthy train. A random cough throughout the day and sniffles [more to do with the CONSTANT rain and clouds] but feeling 100% normal now. I am so grateful to have sickness behind me, it was a beast.

+++ I know we are insane for doing the bathroom and kitchen at the same time [guess who's choice it was? if you guessed NOT ME you are correct] however we will FINALLY have our master bathroom taken care of this weekend. A friend is helping us with the install saving us THOUSANDS of dollars so it was about his schedule. SO GRATEFUL, even in the chaos.

+++ Our top cabinets are hung and have brought so much more space to our tiny kitchen. I love the white and can't wait to get the counter cut and have everything back together.

+++ We were able to save half of our cabinets to give to Habitat for Humanity. I love being able to give back with things we no longer use. The cabinets are just old and not our style, still functional.

+++ I HAD A SECOND INTERVIEW on Thursday and it went really, really, really well. I am one of over 100 people who applied for one of the four positions open so prayers if you're willing.

+++ The Olympics have made solo weeknights easier. Le Husband is traveling every week so having something to look forward to at home during the week is really nice. Way to go USA.

+++ Even though we chose not to celebrate Valentine's day, Le Husband brought me home a small chocolate heart lollipop and it made me smile so big.

Wishing you a safe and wonderful weekend.


  1. YAY for being healthy, for friends helping with renovations, and for a sweet lollipop, too!! Cheers to the weekend, friend! Good vibes for the job!

  2. Yay for being healthy! I'm currently working on that, going on day 7 of sinus issues...blah. Can't wait to see the renovations, and yay for having helpful friends!

  3. That is awesome that you saved the cabinets for Habitat, it feels good to do good! Glad you are feeling better and the Olympics are keeping you company! Have a great weekend and fingers crossed about the job!

  4. I have been all about the Olympics and I am typically not really into the winter sports. Go figure! Glad you are feeling better!

  5. Yay for saving money to renovations! That is such a huge relief.

  6. Congrats on getting the second interview!! And YAY for finally being healthy!


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