February 1, 2018


Today is my fabulous father's 60th BIRTHDAY! Wow, what a milestone. I thought about writing 60 reasons he's amazing, but figured that would be a bit overboard. So, instead, here are 10 pictures and SIX reasons my dad is the greatest. 

+ He thrives on providing for us and being head of the household. His work ethic at his job is incredible and he would stay up late to help us with homework and then go to work early without ever complaining. His role as breadwinner is one he takes seriously.

+ Even though he's an introvert he will do whatever we extroverts want even if it's out of his comfort zone. As I've grown up I've witness him become more out going and it's been pretty darn cool. I do adore how much he loves to read at parties. 

+ His love of God and his faith is incredible to witness. Our church family is blessed by his service.

+ He spoils his girls like no other. If I EVER mentioned something techie I was interested in or needed he was on the hunt to get me it at the best price. When I needed a new car and had no idea where to start he made me a power point of the top five cars I thought I wanted. When bad things happen he takes us out for ice cream or to a movie. And, the DADDY ATM makes an appearance from random time to time when it's least expected.

+ He danced to NYSNC at my wedding. He practiced the moves with me, on his own and gave a stellar performance. All because his oldest daughter LOVED those boy bands. 

+ Daddy is the greatest example of a man I've ever known and I'm so thankful he was chosen to be my father. Le Husband is the only guy to hold a candle to him and I am truly blessed to have such high standards. 

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Daddy. Your Pookie Bear loves you to the moon and back < 3 !


  1. I just teared up. I have met the man twice and I just feel like I would love him. You are so lucky and blessed and I am just so happy you have such an amazing father in your life.

  2. Happy birthday to your amazing Dad. I love that he made you a powerpoint. He's actually the best. Much love to you both as you celebrate another birthday together!

  3. Happy 60th to your dad! My dad turned 60 in August. Huge milestone!

  4. Happy Birthday to your dad!! I love that you guys did an nysnc dance together at your wedding, and the powerpoint when you were considering a new car!


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