October 19, 2010

Ten for Tuesday

This probably won't become a habit, but for lack of post inspiration I thought "YAY, a get to know me list" :)

1)I hate FEET! They totally gross me out. My feet and especially the feet of other people. Don't touch mine and don't even think about asking me to touch yours. I didn't have my first pedicure until I was a senior in college because I HATE people touching my feet.

2) I love sweets and carbs. This makes it hard to keep my trim shape. I have gotten better at limiting my sweets, but gosh darn those carbs. One of the main reasons I haven't pursued a job in personal training, no control over the last 5% of my diet.

3)I love dogs.

4)I can't stand cats (semi allergic).

5)Speaking of animals, my bark is much worse than my bite. I am very sarcastic and talk a very very big game. I am constantly quoting inappropriate rap songs because of their "I am the best (or another four letter word)" mantra. If you were to meet me at a bar I would be the first person to say I would take on anyone messing with my friends or being obnoxious.

6) But at the heart, I LOATHEHATECANTSTAND confrontation. My stomach hurts and my whole body reacts for hours before or after a confrontation. If I'm mad a significant other or friend I worry for days about the best way to deal with the conflict. I have gotten better at speaking my mind at the time, but because of my college major I really try to evaluate the situation before freaking out (unless you are my family, all bets are off them).

7)I thought that by this point in my life I would already be married and possibly starting a family. But, I'm still the single girl (well I have a boyfriend, C, but only of 3 months), but I'm not the wifey to the hubby which is what I thought I would have by now.

8)I often find myself as a contradiction of life. I am super into sports and very tomboyish. However, I go through periods where I love to always match, I always have my hair and makeup done and I don't look like I play any type of sport. I also am very Christian, love Jesus and am very conservative in most of my beliefs. Yet, if you saw me at a bar you wouldn't have the slightest clue I go to church on Sunday. This is something I need/want to work on.

9)I'm starting to really fall in love with C. And it's the most comforting SLASH scary feeling I've ever had in a relationship. This is so different and I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

10)As shallow as it sounds (and as bad as it sounds after #9) I want to randomly run into some movie star actor and have him fall in love with me so we can live happily ever after.

What's your 10?!?!?!?

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