October 13, 2010

Wondering Wednesdays

In an effort try and keep things interesting here in P!nk town I am looking for ways to spice up posts. Alot of the blogs I am viewing..ahem stalking...participate in 'What I wore Wednesdays' but I am not quite comfortable with that yet (although with my recent trip, it would be a pretty interesting post). So I created my own Wednesday themed post titled 'Wondering Wednesdays'.

~I wonder how long it will take before I am brave enough to actually leave a comment on any of the blogs I have been lurking on the past year

~I wonder if any of the girls who blog on said sites would even be remotely interested in my boring, single girl life

~I wonder how long this bout of blogging will last

~I wonder what life has in store for me

~I wonder how I am going to get through these next 5 months with the roommate situation I have going on now

~I wonder if another argument is in my future or if I will be able to just deal with things how they are

~I wonder what the future for C and I will be

~I wonder if my dream of having a husband and a little one will ever come true

~I wonder how long it will be before I take the plunge and try and get my own place

~I wonder what C meant when he told me I shouldn't look for my OWN place yet

~I wonder if he remembers me saying (at least 3 times) I won't live with someone until I am married

~I wonder if this relationship will get past the dreaded 6 months demise

~I wonder how long it will take for me to get back in pre-injury shape

~I wonder if I will be able to get back into my healthy eating routine before the holidays

~I wonder where on EARTH did the summer go

~I wonder if I will have someone to spend the holidays with (C?)

~I wonder how C's new job will affect our relationship (more $$ but more time on the road)

~I wonder if I will ever get an answer to any of these wonderings

-----What do YOU WONDER about???-----

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