February 20, 2012


Hello hotties, how are ya?!?! It's MONDAY!!!! YAY!!!

PSHAW, who am I kidding...I am WAY bummed it's Monday because that means I'm back in the DMV area and NO LONGER in WAAAAARM SUNNNNNYYY FLORIDA!!!!! LE SIGH!

Leaving SUNNY and 80s for cloudy/rainy/sleety 30s is {NO BUENO} no matter who you are (well unless you are a polar bear or a penguin I guess...but moving on). Even more killer...most of our friends stayed in Florida Sunday to party again because they all have TODAY off....traveling while receiving picture text of MIMOSA brunch....SLAY.ME!!!!

I don't have time for a complete recap today and with Lent starting this week I won't be recapping until probably Thursday. So, if you want an informative post today, sadly you must look elsewhere. But, if you are looking for a distraction, pull up a chair, grab a latte (or mocha, I don't judge) and proceed!

{1} HOW ADORABLE is my girl Jess?!?! I cannot tell you how much I ADORE that Kentucky Priss. She is 12 kinds of sweet and truly an amazing friend to have. Just one of the many reasons I LOVE this blog world. And her post, giiiiiiiiiiiirl you got me all teary eyed! YAY KEENELAND!!!!

{2} Thank you for all of the good luck wishes, I truly appreciated them ALL! Sadly, we lost in the Semi-Finals.....to the team that ended up winning the tournament. Just call me bitter betsy or tickedoff tami. I hate losing and take it to heart 100%. I do know that this is not the end of the world or really THAT big of a deal so don't waste anytime feeling sorry for me, I'll be okay chick-a-dees!

{3} I want to move to Florida. I hate the cold and want to be back in tank tops and a bathing suit.

{4} Since Sportyspice is a teacher she came to my work today to say hi. I think I lost credibility points with my coworkers because we immediately slipped into sister slang. I think I'm okay with it because my family ROCKS! To quote le Washington Post "If you don't get it...YOU DON'T GET IT!"

{5} I am waaaaaaaaaaay behind on my resolutions and am not seeing much improvement in my fitness/weight/clothes fitting better/shins feeling better. Not sure what I am going to do about the problems, but back to the workout grind today.

{6} I bought the book "home front" by Kristen Hannah at the airport yesterday in Miami and I finished it LAST NIGHT instead of unpacking. ! Ladies, this book is inspiring, HEARTBREAKING and truly thought provoking. Check out here for the synopsis, but basically it is about a family dealing with the MOTHER/WIFE being deployed instead of the father/husband. And how a happy marriage slowly becomes a marriage on the rocks and the struggles the family faces. Again, incredibly powerful and poignant, I highly highly recommend.

{7} Many of you don't know that I am on a 'weekly' podcast for kickball, and wouldn't you know I go use the name "Pinky" there as well. Anyway, this was the first tournament since I 'joined' the podcast and PEOPLE actually KNEW WHO I WAS! I'm no celebrity, and won't let this go to my head, but it was super flattering and fun to have people come up to me and say "Hey Pinky, I love you on the podcast"!

{8} I still wish I was in Florida with my honey and my awesome teammates. Super Sad Face!

I'll be doing a quick drive by stalking of the blogs today, but PROMISE to get all caught up tomorrow. I'm reading ladies, don't you worry! LOVE Y'ALL!!!!


  1. you do a podcast AND play on a team?! i am so impressed as i am not athletic at all...apart from running. i've never ever played a team sport! hope getting back to the daily grind is ok! i miss the summer too - SOO ready for it to be here!

  2. Can't wait for the full review! I will so move to Florida with ya haha. Winters up in our neck of the woods drag on far too long. I'm so ready for sunshine.

  3. WELCOME BACK! :) I'm definitely going to have to check that book out!!

    And that pic of you and the sisters.. BAHAHAHAHA!

    Also - I love me some Jess too. Such a sweetie!

  4. whew, i know what you mean about the weather! i'm making plans to go back to visit San Diego next month and CAN'T WAIT for the warmer temps... : ) have a great week!


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