February 27, 2012


Sunday was SPORTYSPICE'S GOLDEN BIRTHDAY, can I get a whoop whoop!?!?!

Her party was super fantastic and yesterday we had quality family moving time and a fun dinner. I did not have my ISH together to have this post UP on her birthday, so let's pretend today is the day, mkay!?!?

Middle Sissys SportySpice is the apple of my left eye (remember Babyspice has the right eye) and a complete charmer. This lady will meet you and quickly make you her new best friend. She has an amazing way of bridging the gap between age, race, gender, to make everyone feel comfortable. Maybe that's why she is the best teacher lady in the whole world. Seriously, her talent with children is an incredible feat to behold. And if you EVER need a laugh, just make sad eyes to her and in .05 seconds you will be dying of laughter.

Please enjoy my post dedicated to the bestest middle sister EVER

My fellow COWBOYS cheerleader! One day we will be on DCC!

Your drive to run the 10 miler was so inspiring, very proud of you sissy
Everything is a photo op with you

No matter what you wear you looook gorgie!
I have learned HOW incredibly strong you are this year. You have been the most supportive girlfriend while BlackOps has been deployed and I KNOW he appreciates the support. I look up to YOU for strength!

Ohhhhhh hi matchy matchy sillywilly

Sweet warmup outfit! I was your #1 timing fan....


Did I NOT say you were HILARIOUS!?!?!? COMICALLY!!!

Ok, I see where your fashion started. Nothing has really changed..sweet pink shoes


I loved watching you wear green TWICE across a stage! Wooohooo MASTERS!


Dearest Sportyspice,
Haaaaaappppy Happpppyyy Golden birthay my lovie! WOW you are soooooooooo big (since I am small right?!?!?) and sooooooo grown up now. I am always blown away by your gift with children and every time I see you in the classroom my heart swells. You are LIVING your work dream right now and I know every kid hopes to be in your classroom. This past year has been a hard one, but you have passed with flying colors. When I need strength I NOW turn to you. Thank you for standing by your solider and proudly supporting our military, and for doing it with a smile! Speaking of smiles, I can't help but smile or laugh whenever we are together. Your humor makes my day and I am SO LUCKY to have you as my middle sister. Amazing things are coming your way my sweet lovebug, just trust and pray! God blessed our family with you and I am oh so thankful. I love you to the moon and back sweet Sportyspice!
little BIG sissy!


  1. you have a beautiful sister! hope her day is amazing :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your sissy! Sounds like you guys have lots of fun:) Sisters are the best!

  3. Aww! Happy Birthday Sporty Spice! Y'all are so cute! I love the picture with her soldier <3

  4. Aww! Happy birthday to your sister! :)


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