February 15, 2012

Wan-dom Wednsday

Hi friends, did you have a good LOVE day!??! Did you make someone's day?!?! Did someone make yours?!?!? Did you just LOVE!?!?! Most importantly DID YOU WEAR PINK!?!?! (it'sokayiforgiveyouthistime). I hope yesterday was all you wished and wanted. With today being helterskelter and since I haven't done one in awhile, on to the random list of things.....READY.SET.RANDOM!

1)The 14th was a fabulous day for this lady. I rocked my pink and was told it was my color (duh), enjoyed one of the cookies I baked, wrote a silly poem for C, basked in the love of my friends and family and closed the night with a delicious dinner cooked by Le Beau (yummy steak and lobster) and swooned over my single red rose and sentimental card. Quite the charmer don't you think?
The card plays one of MY FAVORITE Frank Sinatra songs....he knows me SO WELL!
2)Yesterday I did *THIS* workout by the Fitnessista and WOWIE-ZOWIE it was a doozy. I did have to make some modifications because of my shins (walking burpees, ball taps instead of squat jumps) but still had an amazing total body workout. My booty and legs are SO sore today. You should totally check out her fitness page if you are ever in a workout rut.

3) I leave for Florida tomorrow and have to pack everything tonight. Don't worry, THIS time I'm gonna do it right. List made, clothes already picked out, only taking the necessary....pshaw who am I kidding....#overpackerannoymous over here.

4) The party group of my kickball team has our own (yes, I'm a partyer boom) groupme and it's straight SILLY! I went to the gym, worked out and when I checked my phone I had missed 53 texts!!!! And that is with everyone being sober....it's going to be 18 DummyHOUSEREDONK in Florida.

5) If my team DOESN'T win on Saturday I will be pissed. Supremely! Like a dude! Cross your fingers that we bring home the championship please.

6) If you don't laugh after looking at this picture, I'm not sure we can still be friends (J/K)
Leon Trotsky thinks you're hotsky.....HILARIOUS!!!!
7) I have 91 FOLLOWERS...WOW! When I hit 100 there will be a fun lil giveaway! So super stinkin' excited! Y'all truly truly make my day!!!

8) Behold batting practice in the kitchen staring C and Sportyspice. I managed to sneakily tape a few seconds of it. For those who have asked, this is what my studly man sounds like :)! Oh Sportyspice "is that why my hands hurt!??!" We are such girls!
PLEASE Ignore my cackling at the end...I'm so sorry

Have a great day everyone, xoxo!


  1. BAHAHAHAHA. Those cards are F to the unny. For real. Glad you had a good V Day love bug! :) You'll do great at the kickball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Those cards definitely made me giggle. And yay for sweet bf's! :)

  3. great post! I beat you will be at 100 followers VERY soon :)

  4. Soooo jelly you are going to Florida! Send some sunshine my way:) I also LOVE Frank Sinatra!

  5. DUH, pink is your color!! I am working on your guest post as we speak and should have it to you by this evening if that's ok! How do you want to go about doing this???

  6. Ahem...I didn't approve you going to Florida without me! Haha I bet that is going to be a GREAT time! So glad that you had a good Valentine's...Le Beau done good ;)


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