February 24, 2012

Confession Fridays

Oh hey Friday, took you long enough getting here. I'll forgive you this week.
Just please don't let it happen again mmmmkay?!?!?
{Check out the BLONDE AMBITION for other confessions!}

1) I heart kickball. Ok, waiting for you to stop laughing...it's cool. But really, last night I was thinking and some of my now closer friends...and LE BEAU...are a direct result of kickball. Call us crazy adults playing a kid game, but I seriously wouldn't trade the past 2 years for ANYTHING.

2) I DO NOT HEART CAPTCHA on blogger. I adore all of my bloggie friends so PLEASE don't take offense, but this feature has GOT TO GO! They have NOW  made it 2 words to type and I'm sorry, Pinky just doesn't have the patience time for that nonsense. Can we all band together and throw this feature out the window?!?!? THANKS!

3) My apartment looks like a tornado touched down and decided to stay awhile. The funnel stayed a particularly long time in my room. DISASTER! I have unpacked from Florida but have NO put away the laundry or warm weather clothing. Good thing people are coming over this weekend so I HAVE to get my booty in gear.

4) Breakfast has been NON existent this week except for Larabars. Eating healthy FAIL!

5) Tonight will be the 2nd...yes 2nd...night this week C and will be eating Lobster and Steak. High rollers...NO! Lobster on sale for $5 YES PLEASE!!!

6) If you read my recap yesterday, you know that I am on a Kickerball podcast. If you watched yesterday, you saw me recapping the events of the South Florida tournament, which included some fun adult beverages. I misspoke while reporting about an event and blamed it on drinking (lost brain cells) and then said "Sorry Mom & Dad!". Check out the text I received from my father last night.
IS this not HYSTERICAL!!!! Love my family!
7) Tomorrow we are celeberating SportySpice's GOLDEN birthday and I am super excited! My BFF T is coming down to party and I can't wait! This is going to be a super super fun weekend :)!


I'm also linking up with Shannon at Page-22 for Fun Photo Fridays!
This was take almost a year ago (this upcoming weekend)! We celebrated SportySpice's Birthday and man was it fun. This picture CLEARLY shows how the night progressed....BIG sissy always watching out :)!
Have a great weekend pretties! xoxo


  1. AGREED - captchas GOTTA GO! Love this photo - what a great big sis you are:) Looks like fun! Happy Friday!! Cheers to the weekend!

  2. I HATE captchas! At least the ones in your screen shot were real words! UGHHH. The two words are plain annoying and I can't stand them!!! Poopsicles! :)

  3. Captcha sucks!!! Laughing at your text with your dad! That's hilarious!

  4. Hate the captchas too! I love that text with your dad, hilarious! :)

  5. all this talk about kickball makes me wish i played! it seems like soo much fun.

  6. I love this picture by the way... clearly someone's feeling it! :)

    Have a great weekend.


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