February 16, 2012


Yep Yep....homie-girl is on her way to FLO-RIDA right now....hollaholla!!!

****BETHEBY: Guess who left her license at work yesterday and had to drive a hour round trip to go back and get it after her gym work out....YEEEEEAH, this girl! And yes, there were quite a few family words strung together, sorry! Oh well, it's done and over with now right?!?!?*****

I am so excited for #SFKO and fun times with friends and kickballers!
this group makes my heart smile

I am so excited for 18 DUMMY JUICE!

 I am excited to be back at the BEACH for a few days!!!!!
Hopefully I'll be back a CHAMPION and not burnt!!!! Gonna miss you loves, have a great rest of the week....if you leave your favorite drink in the comments, I'll try and cheers ya one!!!! ;)

ps.com ya'll are in for a REAL SWEET SOUTHERN TREAT tomorrow! She's a lil bit country, a WHOLE lot sweet and 100% GORGEOUS! My Kentucky Wildcat pride has grown because of this KY PRISS! Ya'll are gonna absolutely love her, I PROMISE! I know I sure as heck do! <3


  1. girlfriend you are LIVING the life this year with all the vacays! I love it! :) Have so much fun beautiful!

  2. Have a great time in Florida girlie! Good luck! I'm betting on a win :)

  3. HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!! I hope everyone likes the post for tomorrow that I prepared!! AND why have I never heard of dummy juice? Is that really it's name??

  4. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD LUCK! :) You'll do amazing. Kick that ball!!!

  5. Have a great trip girlfriend! I'll be crossing my fingers for a win!


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