February 23, 2012

Florida in February = FIERCEFUN

South Florida Kickball Open is over....and I'm a sad bunny.

This tournament is one of my absolute favorites!
I'm talking
slightly #2 behind the Circuit Cup Championship (NOLA...HOLA!)
{get hypecupped}

As mentioned before, my team did not win (stillpissypantsaboutit), but overall it was a fantastic time with fantabulous people. Unfortunately I was a HORRIBLE photographer and only took pictures two different days.

We left for Florida Thursday morning.........
Guess what couple ALMOST missed their flight?!?!?
Because the hottiewithabodychick mixedup the times??!?!?
YEAH.....-->THISGIRL<--Read the landing time as take off time.
Luckily, one of the guys on our team sent a text that made C check the times
plane leaving at 1:50pm (per me)
left at 11:30am
Mind you, we figured this out at 9:30am!

Thank the SAWEEET Lord we both live only 10 minutes
from the airport and
were already packed.
Heeeeeeeeellllo getting to the gate 10 minutes before boarding.

I'll save y'all the travel details because, well they are boring.
 All you need to know is the group house was SAWEET
 and our hotel room was pretty awesome too.
(we always stay separate from the team
because I'm the WORST sleeper in the world.
I adore my teammies and friends
but their party style does NOT bode well
for a happy Pinky)

Thursday night was a teammates Birthday and a Kickerball bar crawl which was off the chain. We all had a blasty and enjoyed some choice beverages. The crawl encompassed 4 completely different bars (Dive bar, biker bar, club bar, dance bar) with different specials at each. The best part was they were all pretty close so high heels weren't too big of a problem.
Side note: My outfit was AWESOME but I didn't get a picture...DARN!

After a fun time drinking and dancing it was time to go home and get some sleep. C figured it was time to go home when I looked like I was gonna fight some 6' 5" dude because he kept bumping into me and was acting rude. Good call honey good call!

Outfit matching kids

Me, one of my cohosts and creator of "Cool Story Brah!"
Friday was chill out day till practice time and it was gorgeous outside. I was REALLY good about sunscreen this trip and barely got a lil tan so take that sunburn! Practice was fun, although we were heckled by kids on a school bus, but hey what are you gonna do?

We had a team dinner at this FANTASTIC place...which just so happened to be linked to one of the bar crawl dance floors....RANDOM anyone? The place was called pl8 and it was a delicious tapas American style restaurant. IF you are ever in Fort Lautty...check dis place out!


Pool play started at 9am so it was up and at em at 6am. Yeah, it's that serious kids. We killed it during pool play and I was very very happy with my offensive (kicking) performance. I didn't touch the ball defensively but was always where I needed to be. We allowed 4 runs in 4 games and that unfortunately put us on the same side of the bracket as the team that eventually won the tourney.

If we had been tighter on defense we would have met them in the Finals and maybe pulled a win there. This team is REALLY REALLY good, this was the three-peat win for them, but I wish we had made the finals. I am pretty sure this sentiment was echoed throughout the team.
Team picture

Other Shot Callers!

Sweet photog skills honey

New profile pic, what what!

That's me...2nd base holla

Teammates to lovahssssss

A little field action

My cave man....seriously on the Paleo diet....crazy kid!

What's up superstar?!?!
The best part of this trip for me though, was actually being recognized from the podcast by other kickerball people. I'm still pretty new to the podcast, but having people yell "HEY PINKY!" at the bar or chatting me up on game day was pretty awesome. C and I were so tired that we skipped the after party Saturday night (lame sauce I know) and then it was time to fly home Sunday. I still can't believe the trip and tournament are over, way way way sad bunny over here.

Till the next tournament......

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun!! Sorry you guys didn't win:( Oh well - sure beats a boring weekend at home, right?? Love the pink shades!:)

  2. OMG THIS LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!!! AHH! So jealous! Glad you didn't miss your flight, I've done the arrival/depature time mix-up too, so I totally feel your pain! OMG SO FUN! Love it! Great pictures!

  3. Super fun photos!! Glad you had a blast! :) Where in FL were you?! That's where I live! It's definitely warm here..phew!

    That's so silly about the departing time - glad you figured it out before it was too late :D

  4. That sounds like such a fun weekend even if you didn't win!

  5. Haha you would switch the times! I love pub crawls. I don't even drink anymore, but they are still fun for the social aspect! That sounds really lame, I just realized...Glad you had fun!


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