October 6, 2014

Fried, Chillied, Tired and Full

Monday….Monday… La la, la, la, laaaaaaah!!! The weekend's over and a new week is beginning, time just keeps on flying doesn't it? I personally am trying NOT to be wahwah on Monday's, because I don't want to be upset about a new dawn and a new day. That attitude doesn't help the rock it out nature in my mind.

Sometimes the best way to be excited about a Monday is to look back on a good weekend. Or in my case, a super lazy, easy, peasy weekend. SOOO nice to have one in the books, I've needed it.

This weekend I...

::: Practiced kickball for four hours.

::: Used my new water bottle and loved it!

::: Had a great kickball practice. #itsaboutfreakingtime

::: Got burned like a biactch. Who knew cold and cloudy would turn into 70s sunny and perfect practice weather? #alwayswearsunscreen

::: Ate homemade chili made by Le Husband.

::: Took a nap while watching college football. [WAY TO GO FROGS!]

::: Dusted off the bowling shoes and ball.

::: Did horrible for two games and only respectable in one game. Time to start practicing again.

::: Drank lots of lil bottles of wine. aka tooooooooo much!

::: Walked to 7/11 to get a Digornio pizza. #collegeagain?

::: Woke up with a headache.

::: Watched my COWBOYS win, again. 4-1 hollaatdemboyz

::: Ate macancheese and cereal for lunch.

::: Nappe on napped on blogging napped.

::: Prepped for the week.

::: Had early bedtime, to knock out that stupid headache.

How was your weekend? Were you lazy like me or productive?

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Today's #Blogtober prompt is "10 things you'd tell yourself when you started blogging", which I think is a pretty interesting question. Most people don't know what they're getting into when they start a blog and I was one of them. I just wanted to try it and here I am four years later, loving my lil piece of the internet. I'm not a 'big blogger' nor do I know, or do, everything that's 'cool' or 'right in the blog world. But, since I was asked, here are my 10.

1] BE YOU: Pretty obvious, but it's incredible how many bloggers stress about being like every other blogger out there. People are smart and we can see through fake. Be you and you'll find your following.

2] People like pretty: Yes, it's superficial, but it's the truth. If you can't create your own pretty design, pay the amount you want for a blog design you like. I'm not saying you HAVE to look like everyone else, [idon'tandthatsokay], but a pretty design attracts the eye to a blog.

3] You'll get way more views than comments: In the beginning it's frustrating to see just page views and no comments, but that doesn't mean people aren't reading. Comments usually happen after relationships are formed, so keep blogging even if the comments aren't as many as you expect.

4] You don't have to be friends with everyone: And you don't have to like every blog that everyone else likes. Everyone is different and we aren't always each other's cup of tea. If you don't like a blog, don't read it and don't take offense if people choose not to read your blog. 

5] Blogging can be like high school: There are cliques, there are 'the cool kids', there are the 'you can't sit with us' group, but hey, that's life. Don't let someone not getting back to you or not reading your blog keep you from doing what you want. Others don't determine your 'worth', keep doing you and you'll find your group.

6] Real friendships can form 'online': I didn't understand the friendships I saw that formed online, until I was in a real friendship. It's hard to explain to my IRL friends, but talking to someone every day, on a blog can bring you super close, super quick. I still am in awe of the relationships I've formed because of this blog, and can't imagine my life without my amazing blog/real friends  [ BOFF, Jessica, Carolyn, Erin, Janna]

7] Big or small blog, drama and negative commenters still find you: There are opinions everywhere and people get REALLY BIG behind a computer screen. You might never get a bad comment online, but you'll find out someone is talking about you on their blog. It sucks, but it's life and you can't control other people. You can be the ripest peach on the tree, but there will still be someone that hates peaches, don't let the haters get to you.

8] Rise above bashing people: Don't be the person I described in #7. Keep it classy, keep drama off the blog and let other people act a fool!

9] People that don't blog, don't get it and that's okay: They won't ever get it. They won't believe that you have a best friend you met online, they won't understand the excitement of having more than 10 comments and they don't have to get it. You get it, you love blogging so keep on, keeping on in blogland.

10] You don't have to perfect, so don't fake it:  There are some people that only want to share the good on their blog and while that's there prerogative, I can't relate to that so I just move along. Some of the best posts I've read are the realest posts I've ever read. It doesn't have to be a monthly occurrence, but show us the mess in the laundry room, or confess the stupid mistake you made at the grocery store. No one's perfect and it's fun to read blogs by real people.

What are things you wished you knew when you started blogging?


  1. Ouchie to your burn - bright side at least it's not really getting too cold for you yet haha!! One of my fave things to do is to go to 711 and buy their pizza - it's just so good!! Glad you had a great one!! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!

  2. Ouch - sunburn - looks painful I hope it's not too sore

    I agree with your list so much especially the bit about the cliches, but like you say that just the way it is!

    Have a great Monday

  3. such great tips about blogging--so true! i still get bummed when i see someone commenting on a blog but they won't ever comment on mine, or when i lose a follower. i just can't get used to it!

  4. I passed out cold in the last quarter of the Texans/Cowboys game. I live in Houston but I'm originally from MN so I'm not exactly a Texans fan. I only really ever hope they win because my students that aren't Texans fans get super annoying when they lose ha.

  5. Yay to homemade chili but booo to the sunburn! Kind of jealous you had 70 degree weather over the weekend... I actually thought it might snow here on Saturday!!! Not ready for that yet!

  6. What a fun weekend! I can't believe how sun burnt you got! My goodness, poor thing!

    Also, loved your 10 things about blogging post. All of them are so, so true.

  7. always wear sunscreen, you poor thing! loving your new water bottle, and yay go dallas! can you believe it? crazy. love your 10 things, especially the part about not everyone liking you and you won't like everyone. that's life!

  8. Love love love your advice! Lazy weekends are the best when they are exactly what you need!

  9. Ouch... we got some sun at the TCU game... but so worth it!!! I love your 10 things. They are probably very similar to my 10 things. But the friendships... yup the best part! And How about that Cowboys win?


  10. Oh no, sun burns are the worse. Love your top 10!! One of the best parts of blogging is the friendships!! Hope you have a great Monday!!

  11. it's hard for me to believe that people bash other bloggers on their blog - i've never come across that because the blogosphere is usually supportive and awesome!! i'm sure those bloggers lose readers FAST because no one has time for that.

    Vodka and Soda

  12. That sunburn! Ouch!
    I enjoyed your list - so true to be yourself. So many bloggers have this other personality on line.

  13. oooh and it's so like high school!

  14. People like pretty. Such a true and simple statement! Nothing wrong with being pretty. :)

    That chili looks AWESOME!!!

  15. I had a semi-lazy wknd too & it was great! I love your 10 things!! All so, so true & perfect for someone who maybe just started blogging!!

  16. Sounds like a pretty good weekend...aside from the burn! Ouch!

  17. Oh girl that sunburn looks like it hurts!!! I totally agree blogging can be like HS but you meet such wonderful genuine people right? :-)

  18. Ouch! I hope your sunburn gets better! Your hubby's chili looks amazing! I loved all of your blogging tips. Helpful for a new blogger like me. :)

  19. Cute water bottle! --OMG you poor thing that sunburn!!! Yikes

    & for Blogtober..

    Very good tips! We have alot of them in common I just realized! Too funny! :) Great minds think alike!

    xoxo Lisa - Showered With Design

  20. OUCH, sunburns are the worst!! I am craving chili so bad, I will definitely be making a pot this weekend :)

  21. Great list - and great advice!So true, people who don't blog, don't get it and that is all right! :)


  22. Little bottles on wine might just be the coolest thingy majiggers ever! P.S. Can you mail me some of that chili? It looks divine!

  23. But that chili, way to go hubs! :) So happy you had a great practice and a nice weekend!

  24. Ouch load up on some aloe vera! The homemade chili sounds so good!

  25. Those little wine bottles can add up fast ha. Glad you had a mac and cheese/cereal recovery lunch and plenty of naps!

  26. Oooo, that burn looks painful! I hate when I burn, I try to be careful but it still happens sometimes!

    Naps and Mac and Cheese sounds like a wonderful weekend to me! :)

  27. Sunburns are awful! I have gotten burnt cutting the grass before because I just wasn't thinking about it. Hope that heals up quick!

    Love the water bottle! And mmmm chili! I have made it a few times already this season!

    I like that blogging brings friends you wouldn't have had otherwise. But, unfortunately, internet bullies do exist!

  28. Aww- thank you for the shout out :) You're so sweet and I'm glad we're bloggy friends too! I keep seeing chili EVERYWHERE and I'm way overdue for a bowl. Hoping to add some to our meal plan this week... last week/weekend was just chaos and we ate like college kids hehe. Oops!

  29. LOVE all of your advice! Especially about how non-bloggers don't understand why we do it. My sister always asks why I have one or my husband doesn't understand why I would post something. I just love to!

  30. Sounds like a great way to spend the weekend! We had active and lazy time, which as really nice. So true about internet friends, that is something I didn't quite get until I go into blogging.

  31. Yikes on the burn, those are the worst - hope you're feeling better girlie! Hubby's chilli looks delicious and loved that you walked to 7 Eleven to get pizza haha. xoxo

  32. TOTALLY agree with your blogger commentary. Some people just LOVE to hate all over things! I too indulged in a little too much wine AND pizza for that matter haha.

  33. Yesssss! Your weekend sounds epic! I've seriously been there with the sunburn thing! It tends to happen to me at tailgates and football games!!!

  34. Aww!! Love you boo and miss ya!! Dani is coming down for Halloween, and I wish she could kidnap you on the way!!


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